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Questions related to antiques, collectibles and memorabilia, photos aid in my ability to answer your question. All values are to be considered insurance replacement costs unless noted otherwise. Please respond to the answer to let me know you have seen it. Moderated by My Grannys Attic Antiques.

Questions already asked in the topic Antiques

Plastic doll given out at fair1950?2015-04-16 07:56:55
What is the value of curved 1895 glass windows.?2015-04-14 13:45:28
EPZING PLATED small tea spoon or coffee spoon?2015-04-14 12:23:16
What does "Dora" signify in metalwork?2015-04-14 10:05:25
The worth of a jewerly box made by sedesdi Bosi ?2015-04-13 13:46:26
could you please tell me what this box is?2015-04-12 21:56:30
Frankoma?2015-04-08 18:50:13
How much could these 3 items be worth?2015-04-06 13:02:18
Keep original upholstery?2015-03-29 15:40:44
Jenaer glass teapot?2015-03-25 05:48:21
HOW TO I.D. T. & V. LIMOGES PATTERN?2015-03-21 19:05:15
We have a Ray and Miles armoire.?2015-03-20 18:39:03
genuine burma teak elephant?2015-03-16 14:08:08
Chest of drawers that comes apart in sections?2015-03-16 11:21:15
I have an Andrea bluebird family Sadek of Japan?2015-03-10 14:31:46
How much is ww2 1939 British war helmet worth?2015-03-06 04:19:57
How much for these Cup Saucer & Plates?2015-03-04 20:11:58
I have a Book How the Grinch stole christmas !?2015-02-28 11:22:39
Estimate on antique cherub chair & rocking chair?2015-02-25 21:30:45
What's it worth?2015-02-25 19:35:00
swing out drop leaf tables?2015-02-23 17:36:52
price about glasses?2015-02-23 04:49:44
very distinctive unusual designed rocking horse?2015-02-21 18:34:52
1900 or before pressed back dining table 4 chairs?2015-02-18 15:28:40
design on crock isn't centered is it worth less?2015-02-15 16:02:48
Is it one of kind when made bye and how much worth?2015-02-15 06:38:42
Authenticity of an old scottish sword?2015-02-08 05:30:46
I have an ivory and jade necklace?2015-02-06 07:10:32
Legitimus Collins #222 machete w/leather handle?2015-01-30 22:49:02
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