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value?2018-09-24 13:16:54
what is the value of a bed cover from 1965?2018-09-15 12:18:55
Where to sell jelly moulds and mining memora?2018-09-10 10:43:33
Is it valuable?2018-09-03 09:30:59
Challenge sewing machine?2018-09-02 12:32:31
Saki Mugs, Made In Japan stamped?2018-08-27 12:43:34
is my Hutschenreuther cup valuble?2018-08-22 16:44:25
Not sure how much to sell my dining table base for?2018-08-19 14:52:09
I have a set of lion head dining chairs?2018-08-14 16:01:07
value of Northern tissue American beauties?2018-08-13 13:43:30
Can uapproximate the value of my dale tiffany lamp?2018-08-13 07:28:14
Wooden desk globe?2018-08-12 15:12:54
cake plate, with handle and stand and lhandle?2018-08-12 12:48:00
Vale of this urn?2018-08-09 16:54:41
Titanic wine. Worth?2018-08-08 14:23:47
Are Douglas Oil Flying Heart stamps valuable?2018-08-07 00:28:29
I have a gold sheaffer pen and pencil set?2018-08-02 15:22:30
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I have found a reiept for gas from 1890?2018-07-10 09:51:44
rickcain american dream 24/250 value?2018-07-09 17:42:28
I have a rare Coalport figurine of a firefighter?2018-07-07 15:52:00
clean mineral deposit from old china?2018-07-05 06:11:57
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value of an autographed Eddie George football card?2018-06-20 18:44:25
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M. M. S Club NE 65/4 f?2018-06-03 07:39:58
Pattern Name Of A Tea Set?2018-05-22 19:26:39
What is the cost of BABY IND.BERLIN 254718081818 g?2018-05-11 03:19:19
I would like to know the value of this desk?2018-05-04 09:45:08
What make are my dinner coffee and lamp ya or?2018-05-02 04:29:35
I have an old chair from the Angeles Furniture co?2018-04-28 12:03:07
Did Prudent Mallard make walnut half tester beds?2018-04-27 13:48:48
I have been given a necklace pendant?2018-04-27 07:49:34
Peter rabbit figures?2018-04-24 07:38:57
Metallic taste from electroplate teapot?2018-04-19 04:51:44
Artist and worth?2018-04-15 13:35:09
What does E P N S van Riebeeck Plate mean?2018-04-07 11:50:43
Vintage Brass Chandelier?2018-03-26 14:39:15
who made this and what year?2018-03-26 00:24:58
who made this and what year?2018-03-26 00:19:32
I have a shaws of London table and chairs.?2018-03-07 11:46:53
Painting an old Marshall and Sons grand piano?2018-02-24 19:06:32
I cant find anything on my Gulf Oils Sign.?2018-02-18 20:27:52
Hi I have some don universal salad serving tongs?2018-02-17 12:26:00
St. Louis glassware?2018-02-12 18:10:21
? Hummels figures post WWII?2018-02-12 18:06:58
Have you heard of camp&company pump organ?2018-02-08 17:52:21
wooden box marked patterned 1880, feb. 19 worth?2018-02-06 10:27:11
how much if I sale?2018-02-06 03:13:44
HI I have an old wooden cabinet with carving of;ho?2018-01-24 04:58:36
Antique secretary cabinet with upper bookcase glas?2018-01-12 12:25:44
Do you know any of Elmo Gideon statue work?2018-01-06 05:42:29
Writing desk information and valuation?2017-12-28 10:04:34
Can anyone tell me about a widows chair?2017-12-26 17:22:07
How much is this jewelry box worth?2017-12-26 10:22:54
Singer treadle sewing machine, oak cabinet, works.?2017-12-23 23:13:35
Why can't I find information on 1907-1911 China?2017-12-17 13:33:35
Would manufacture name and approximate value?2017-12-15 14:12:59
I recently bought a rococo style very ornate clock?2017-12-12 14:36:31
We recently found an antique wooden cradle 1833?2017-12-11 23:25:52
Pony boy gun possibly from the 1920-1950?2017-12-02 15:54:21
Path finder magazines?2017-12-02 15:52:37
I have an old radio, says crosley trirdyn need to?2017-12-02 15:47:32
i have an old china set?2017-12-02 15:15:22
What is my 3 door spindle low buffet worth?2017-12-01 10:17:06
Who does this signature belong to?2017-11-29 09:11:21
Is the working area on rool top desk original?2017-11-24 18:56:14
How old is this German knife?2017-11-23 22:53:12
How much could this be worth?2017-11-19 09:35:18
Value of minature german beer stein?2017-11-13 11:54:16
Antique tool in wooden case, idk what it is?2017-11-11 15:36:09
What is this old brass canteen like thing? Help!?2017-11-06 16:55:14
Social security # on bottom of brass vases?2017-11-04 12:33:16
Social security # on bottom of brass vases?2017-11-04 12:28:13
I have an Ithaca s/s brl shogun, where is ser# ?2017-10-28 13:12:16
pachon French 1900 oscilloscope?2017-10-27 11:55:57
What is my Donkey Kong beach towel worth?2017-10-25 19:35:53
How much is a early 40's or 50's vess cola sign?2017-10-23 21:07:16
Beer Sconce?2017-10-17 10:04:50
I have no idea what my antique is for or worth?2017-10-12 12:24:39
What is the value of my Russell Wright desk?2017-10-10 13:08:30
I have an empty German brown envelope?2017-10-08 18:30:47
I have a post office telegram dated 1941?2017-10-08 18:28:30
I have a Victorian silver handle, button hook?2017-10-08 18:24:42
J Warner and Sons Ltd London 1897 Bell?2017-09-30 06:57:02
Small Plate?2017-09-28 15:05:37
I have a Royal Worcester butterflies ring stand?2017-09-23 12:31:38
I have a green cameo sugar shaker?2017-09-23 07:57:50
round oak claw foot table?2017-09-20 11:58:51
I have a gents Longines 3318M watch.?2017-09-19 09:19:19
seeking some information?2017-09-06 14:37:30
seeking some information?2017-09-06 14:37:29
Hi. I have a small decanter with a single mark.?2017-09-05 08:29:46
Left China #1356 price value ?2017-09-01 15:20:00
My spoon looks like silver but has A R S A symbols?2017-08-31 13:13:24
Inherited Crockery?2017-08-31 04:57:57
\"This Gelatone is guarenteed to be genuine\"?2017-08-28 08:26:57
Valuation for Sewing Machine plz?2017-08-25 07:39:52
Woodblock prints Japanese old late 18 th century?2017-08-22 17:02:19
maker and date of ebony cane with silver cap?2017-08-15 08:11:44
how much would it be?2017-08-12 02:57:37
Barket & Gay Dining Rm S/N 2500?2017-08-08 13:09:29
Little Black Sambo mini book?2017-08-02 18:09:05
How much is a Sears approved wheelchair worth?2017-07-31 13:59:01
Can you tell me origin and valueplease?2017-07-27 01:40:22
What's the origine of this antique?2017-07-22 08:19:49
This gelatone is guarenteed to be genuine means?2017-07-19 18:35:15
can these reliefs be repaired?2017-07-19 17:20:36
will polishing sterling silver ruin the value?2017-07-13 15:17:59
how old is my drop leaf tea cart?2017-07-12 19:00:39
"evans sons lescher & webb Ltd medicine droppe?2017-06-29 06:47:35
Pricing?2017-06-27 02:43:47
Value of China Tea Set?2017-06-26 22:22:47
how old is this tea set?2017-06-25 06:53:23
What is it worth?2017-06-14 01:15:49
Information about a sculpture?2017-06-08 11:13:35
can I get some help with a military item?2017-06-07 09:35:31
can I get some help with two vases?2017-06-07 09:32:20
can I get some help with some place mats I have?2017-06-07 09:30:57
Wanting to know about a E&Co 1541 tazza/Centrepiec?2017-06-06 18:03:08
I have an Edwin Forbes Print 14. Is this rare?2017-06-06 17:59:04
Can I upload a pic of the vase I needs details on?2017-06-01 18:41:55
Time period produced?2017-05-27 20:33:47
How much?2017-05-21 19:19:18
Value of a Star Desert Royal Doulton 12 dinnerware?2017-05-20 18:38:06
I have a Ray & miles sideboard cabinet?2017-05-04 10:38:24
I want to know what is it and what is the value?2017-04-28 04:59:25
How does an antique "lazy Susan' work?2017-04-25 15:35:40
Hi,any idea how old this is?2017-04-25 01:04:15
Wooden 1920s desk help wth drawer timing?2017-04-22 10:32:00
I have a wooden desk dated about 1920 that has thr?2017-04-22 10:27:58
I have a little carved ventriloquist cork?2017-04-22 06:27:57
how were cast iron hot water stands used?2017-04-20 21:57:27
what is Everett?2017-04-15 13:47:49
12 cm oval/egg formed metal container, screw lid;?2017-04-15 10:16:29
Is my teaset valuable?2017-04-08 09:58:34
What value would you put on Two Dresden Candlebras?2017-04-06 15:45:11
What does the backstamp Berlin P R & H mean?2017-04-05 12:56:16
Antique Art value?2017-04-05 00:13:20
Is it worth anything ?2017-04-03 01:18:16
Need to know what make my pot wedding doll is?2017-04-01 11:09:14
What is this mark?2017-03-27 19:02:29
I have a cast iron Cauldron with 12 and x on botto?2017-03-25 04:50:51
I have an antique chair and would like to know mor?2017-03-19 15:46:33
1686 Charles ii oak dresser base?2017-03-19 08:15:40
What is era and value of my Antique Candle Lantern?2017-03-15 17:11:23
victorian silver pocketwatches?2017-03-13 15:16:41
J.A.Olson wall mirror, Any value? 30x48?2017-03-09 17:53:17
Can engraving in wood be preserved!?2017-03-06 15:29:11
Is it Duncan Phyfe or reproduction?2017-02-24 17:45:25
Do brass drawer pulls have any resale value?2017-02-22 12:29:54
An approxi value of old Rogers Bros silverware?2017-02-15 23:20:51
Could you tell me more about this letter opener?2017-02-12 19:15:06
How to tell genuine Nippon from Made in Japan?2017-02-12 15:19:20
I am not sure what this is. Could anyone help?2017-02-11 09:03:35
Is there any book about Chinese ginger jars?2017-02-10 09:45:59
Sheng Yuan ice shaver is it the same as swan?2017-02-09 22:29:49
Can you identify this table and approximate value?2017-02-09 17:53:40
Can you help identify my demilune? dresser?2017-02-09 13:03:43
Can anyone help me identify this ceramic bowl?2017-02-06 12:25:02
I have a HAMILTON letter press drawer?2017-02-06 06:30:13
dark wood table with 4 pillars?2017-02-04 02:12:21
Need help to identify antique table floor lamp?2017-02-03 13:03:37
Please could you tell me if hofbauer red Byrd?2017-01-31 13:44:09
Ihave a k9 tooth from a Indian in Colima mexico?2017-01-29 04:42:39
Identify manufacturer of block pulley?2017-01-27 15:44:01
I need antique furniture identified. How?2017-01-25 16:45:38
how to value sewing machine?2017-01-24 10:34:45
How is it worth?2017-01-20 13:41:47
old Asian plate how do I find it\'s value?2017-01-18 10:56:09
Old doll?2017-01-17 14:18:44
How much is my lawyer's bookcase worth?2017-01-03 19:11:37
What is the symbolism of my statue?2017-01-02 16:07:46
Value of a 1910 census bureaa taker badgel?2016-12-23 10:17:18
Arthur Price Arden Plate cutlery set?2016-12-20 03:23:30
1818 baby ind berlin glasses?2016-12-14 12:23:03
Mappin & Webb Honey Bee pot?2016-12-14 01:12:39
value?2016-12-10 14:31:23
I'm wondering what this is?2016-12-05 16:32:57
Hi I have an old tortoise trinket?2016-12-05 09:04:25
Old aftershave bottles from Avon,?2016-11-30 10:35:41
Looking for help on what kind of tool?2016-11-27 18:34:49
contemporary magazine with marylin monroe 1994?2016-11-27 14:31:45
Value of glassware & crockery?2016-11-19 17:03:12
antique lion with open back prob fron 1930's?2016-11-18 13:10:03
I would like to identify an item. I have a pic.?2016-11-11 14:23:56
Seeking information about an item:?2016-11-08 17:53:06
I purchased what appears to be a vintage lectern?2016-11-07 15:25:55
Is my mirror worth anything?2016-11-02 11:42:45
we have a sculpture piece but read name any ideas?2016-10-30 11:21:27
Does anyone know anything about this piece?2016-10-26 13:27:45
I have 2 green glass bowls distressed look?2016-10-24 10:44:08
blue onion Meissen Cauldon England, glued value?2016-10-23 01:55:49
Aeolian song rolls are they valueble?2016-10-18 05:02:11
I wanted to know what type of chest this is?2016-10-14 17:54:02
Pellatt & Co meat platter?2016-10-04 07:37:25
two lingard crinoline lady different stamps?2016-10-02 08:34:38
Antique items and best place to get them valued?2016-09-29 08:29:07
1927 Chinese Wedding Basket?2016-09-16 10:22:28
Does this item have any value ?2016-09-15 15:04:46
i have a piece of furniture that i cannot identify?2016-09-15 09:44:56
trying to find out what this is and what its worth?2016-09-11 17:43:53
How much are victorian mahogany balloon chairs wor?2016-09-06 17:43:20
4 Mariyln Monroe porcelain figures how much are th?2016-09-06 17:15:16
Green man Hall stand?2016-09-06 14:24:24
1988 Collier's Encylopedia full set?2016-09-05 23:11:15
What is this? Can I add a picture?2016-09-05 11:59:41
ID?2016-09-04 21:24:26
ID?2016-09-04 21:24:08
looking for information on Ink well?2016-09-03 18:34:42
Vase 100 + years but no markings?2016-08-13 16:43:19
What is the brand of this pocket watch?2016-08-13 12:56:36
Possible trash can, hamper, or stool?2016-08-11 22:42:42
Zangerle Table?2016-08-08 13:02:36
feline ceramic sleeping w blue eyes?2016-08-04 18:52:31
Searching for info on V.Ambrosino furniture maker?2016-07-31 14:42:52
Is our coffee table and desk stinkwood or imbuia?2016-07-30 16:13:29
Spice girls necklace?2016-07-26 06:34:41
Hi i have a ruege music box?2016-07-22 12:07:37
Info on V.Ambrosino furniture maker?2016-07-21 22:01:23
How old is...?2016-07-21 14:27:58
V.Ambrosino Manufacturer of Artistic Furniture?2016-07-20 23:03:01
Is a H.Z Mallen & Co cane wicker chair valuable?2016-07-18 20:32:45
Is this an antique?2016-07-16 17:00:04
Got an antique quran?2016-07-14 09:41:07
what and when is my dining set from and what $?2016-07-10 13:46:40
How old is this blue mirror and how much is it $?2016-07-10 07:40:56
need date approx., origin of bronze bowl?2016-07-08 20:00:16
value of the vase?2016-07-04 08:17:26
I have uncirculated. Nazi stamps?2016-07-02 20:47:16
What are my chairs worth?2016-06-29 17:04:39
Is it worth anything?2016-06-27 02:13:00
How much is a Jamaica 1983 beer cap worth?2016-06-22 17:40:49
What type of chair is this?2016-06-17 23:44:39
The Quiver of Love 1876?2016-06-17 15:29:22
The Quiver of Love 1876?2016-06-17 15:29:06
I came across some sort of antique smoking device.?2016-06-16 04:59:52
I have found a ornament type doll in the attic.?2016-06-12 07:29:51
Giant Bible?2016-06-09 14:16:37
What is this and does it have any value?2016-06-05 10:52:36
Old item like to no what it is?2016-06-04 13:28:32
Why can i only find manuals for this?2016-06-02 12:28:26
37 piece Royal Toganana Monopoli Set?2016-06-02 05:10:55
Vintage desk sets?2016-06-01 21:56:17
Bernex cigarette holder in box?2016-06-01 13:10:08
i have a ministry of defence quartz clock?2016-06-01 10:07:13
I cannot find any information about these chairs.?2016-05-25 08:02:09
Please can have info on this german bird?2016-05-19 04:12:34
I have a antique vintage Masonic sword?2016-05-15 18:29:15
Old kitchen table with 4 wood legs with 4 wood bar?2016-05-13 17:04:12
Magazines?2016-05-11 09:55:29
Small brass boxes?2016-05-11 04:47:54
i have a few china sets, some are from japan?2016-05-10 08:06:32
Can you yell me the origins of the panda mark?2016-05-06 17:05:03
what this furniture is called?2016-05-04 23:42:42
What factory is this backstamp please?2016-05-04 14:33:59
Where can I sell old navy equipment?2016-04-28 05:03:32
Brass marble table and rotary, victorian?2016-04-27 23:21:57
Are these antique handles worth any money?2016-04-26 04:21:35
Is my hookah an antique?2016-04-25 15:45:48
I would like info on 2 pictures?2016-04-22 11:10:41
How much is a the romance Diana bone china worth?2016-04-20 19:50:43
Potteries stamp/mark, what pottery?2016-04-19 12:08:04
Cost?2016-04-17 15:01:37
vase stamped crown EW 6057 2352 11?2016-04-15 19:09:05
Wall hanging wooden spoons & forks?2016-04-11 01:28:58
pink trough ashtray with 2 horses?2016-04-07 15:28:24
My Nana has some cutlery she would like valued?2016-04-02 20:07:25
Sterling or Silver plated ?2016-03-30 23:45:37
Markings on a china coffee mug?2016-03-29 18:31:07
I have a vase fine bone china made in tiawan it's?2016-03-29 06:14:38
when is the no 2 Beatrice hand meat mince from?2016-03-28 18:17:26
Where can I buy a teddy bear from the 60s?2016-03-27 10:35:22
Cast iron sink with flip bowl insert fumay ardenne?2016-03-26 15:36:13
solid silver but lacking assay and date mark?2016-03-26 10:00:37
Items marked " manufactured in germany"?2016-03-22 10:12:44
metal tole lamps?2016-03-21 13:21:22
I have a silver goblet.?2016-03-20 10:12:27
Does my Daniel knechtel item have value.?2016-03-19 21:32:08
I have a Daniel knechtel China cabinet .?2016-03-19 21:27:06
I have a 95 year old real chocolate Easter egg?2016-03-19 10:14:23
what does the camel stand for on my antique foldin?2016-03-17 14:43:55
What is the value?2016-03-17 11:56:43
Shaving mug?2016-03-17 10:47:53
Age and value?2016-03-15 13:15:12
Hallmark AD an anchor a lion facing left & g?2016-03-12 09:50:26
5x10cmPewter figures characters of London streets?2016-03-02 15:23:53
art co. salesman sample bed?2016-03-02 06:22:06
Antique Bonnet top Curio Cabinet?2016-02-24 19:17:59
Know about Maurise Edwards Clock maker?2016-02-22 09:04:30
Clay jug?2016-02-21 23:57:25
I need to know what an item is.?2016-02-21 15:05:09
I have 3 items that I need to know about?2016-02-19 12:32:33
No patent number on woodpecker toothpick holder?2016-02-15 23:42:39
Royal doulton commerative jug Marshall Foch?2016-02-15 11:51:00
How much is a33" green elephant wine bottle worth?2016-02-13 04:03:50
Item is a Brunsviga Adsum 94T?2016-02-13 00:00:35
Do antique gesso gold frames have lead paint?2016-02-11 11:31:46
Looking for general value of several family pieces?2016-02-08 23:16:14
morror #4618 item#111318199 fin-lin#2126 plate 8 e?2016-02-08 13:54:32
Boxed set of compositors brass setting rules.?2016-02-05 11:21:01
antique crackle ware 2 decanter 5 cup sake set?2016-02-04 20:12:26
Can someone tell me about albertr's pottery vase?2016-01-25 22:29:19
Trying to figure what something is.?2016-01-25 16:33:36
I have 3 items?2016-01-19 17:52:05
i have a Super Sue Ice Cream clock is it antique?2016-01-16 11:48:42
I have an 80 piece Tabletops Unlimited Harkerware?2016-01-14 11:03:19
glazed lily and rose design bowl by j&m.PR?2016-01-11 13:34:21
Is this a real Haeger piece or reproduction?2016-01-07 22:47:34
beswick 768 seagull,want to sell?2016-01-05 01:34:21
Hi I have a new empire chair desk, from e.n Moyer?2015-12-23 22:43:51
I have an old handmade brass charm with ram??2015-12-20 15:54:07
I have a crystal vase with a bottom on it?2015-12-13 15:26:18
Hello! What is the meaning of The War Calop?2015-12-11 11:30:18
Silver plated jewelry box. Bottom marked J.B.?2015-12-06 11:07:04
Meissen pottery clock?2015-12-01 15:30:42
Lingard teapot and jug?2015-11-30 06:30:28
I have a record/8track/radio player,?2015-11-28 04:38:32
1960 sobell radiogram with pneumatic lid?2015-11-17 13:30:18
Hi I have 4 brass tiles?2015-11-14 01:01:19
Who knows about this antique?2015-11-09 09:17:50
Hi.Can I get some information on this item, please?2015-11-01 10:00:19
Is it safe to seal silver to stop tarnish?2015-11-01 07:24:30
i have an old carriage clock we are trying to date?2015-10-30 01:49:52
I found this table at an estate sale?2015-10-29 00:40:15
hello, how much a framed picture of Kevin Platt?2015-10-28 14:40:08
price for Shelley Regal Teaset as new?2015-10-27 06:44:25
How does one determine age of an Athol Table?2015-10-18 20:14:22
Lotus Flower Brand Abacus?2015-10-17 09:54:38
can you give me an idea how valuable?2015-10-16 10:48:19
I have a morcoon table and 6 chairs is it worth?2015-10-16 10:23:00
Is it fake, how much is it worth.?2015-10-13 05:27:37
Do you know maker and value?2015-10-12 13:49:49
Antique dominoes set, possibly real ivory.?2015-10-11 11:58:17
Can you tell me about this brunswick piece?2015-10-10 17:27:58
How to clean buried old gold?2015-10-08 11:57:51
can you tell me more about this?2015-10-03 01:44:22
Book of Poetry?2015-10-01 05:21:08
Are there unmarked pieces of Fischer J pottery?2015-09-28 12:00:31
Is my item worth anything?2015-09-27 05:23:26
My arose original?2015-09-25 11:01:54
I have a full case of Orange Smile Soda bottles?2015-09-24 13:35:50
Are original photos of huguette clark valuable?2015-09-21 23:51:21
I have an half moon with a baby sleep.#LVC1987.?2015-09-21 23:21:24
Value of pair antique brass urns?2015-09-20 18:23:39
I have a dinner set that was my grandmas that is i?2015-09-18 11:17:24
Antique curio cabnet?2015-09-17 17:10:10
I have 3 Ansel Adams Hills Bros coffee cans?2015-09-17 16:44:29
Elgin E17 jewels pocket watch?2015-09-13 17:06:23
The value of a 1985 trivial pursuit set of 6 mugs?2015-09-11 13:59:43
Thomas Bradbury and sons?2015-09-09 08:36:34
Vintage coin counter - value?2015-09-07 01:39:55
Is it worth 300+?2015-09-07 00:55:53
How to recognize original?2015-09-04 08:08:49
am trying to find out if desk I have is antique?2015-09-03 05:59:10
How do I find out the age of a carved eagle N.H.?2015-08-31 10:35:38
Oil painting CHRIST Joseph Trevitts?2015-08-29 17:32:00
A wooden cross with a scroll Stations of the Cross?2015-08-29 17:29:25
Victorian Mary Gregory cranberry vase?2015-08-27 13:03:08
Want to sell, how much and best way to sell.?2015-08-26 14:26:00
I have been given a gold tea service?2015-08-26 11:31:59
Lemaire fabt opera binoculars markings?2015-08-25 00:50:30
I have a cottage style tea pot with B marking?2015-08-24 16:57:01
Antique tea strainer?2015-08-22 14:18:12
I have got an oil painting of a waterfall?2015-08-15 13:30:17
Cocktail cabinet 1950/1960?2015-08-15 05:24:58
Info on stereographic cards?2015-08-14 22:21:50
I would like to know approx. worth of my dressers?2015-08-12 20:13:53
Large copper cauldron 17 dia x 13 hi?2015-08-11 09:34:07
Value of possible antique sideboard?2015-08-09 21:49:55
Value of a SG 670 Sobell Stereo radiogram now?2015-08-09 10:48:08
Cost of Underwood typewriter?2015-08-07 22:41:27
need answers on this brass telescope vintage?2015-08-07 06:42:54
I would like to know about crown ming fine china.?2015-08-05 22:51:26
What is a Singer sewingmachine from 1899 worth?2015-08-04 09:27:49
youth high chair what is it called?2015-08-03 21:18:13
Question regarding a fingerprint IN an antique cup?2015-08-02 17:49:44
WHAT DOES PRATA 100 MEAN?2015-08-02 13:14:16
Tempus fugit movado 8 day globe clock?2015-08-02 09:38:48
Hi there Can you tell me about this marking ?2015-08-02 06:44:29
1henry lawson popular. Verses. 1927?2015-08-01 08:09:07
Clothes wringer stamped CHEMICAL value?2015-08-01 03:10:48
how much is a 1981, hardback book?2015-07-30 15:30:01
Old Asian tile plaque with sand on the back?2015-07-27 21:01:06
What is this?2015-07-27 13:36:14
I cannot find this desk any where on internet.?2015-07-26 18:32:08
Lyons silver company quadruple plate with #608?2015-07-23 14:38:56
Very old oil painting Victorian i belive.?2015-07-23 01:44:56
Monkey Incense burner?2015-07-23 01:39:05
i have an ice palace icebox, zinc skinned help?2015-07-18 18:20:02
Age of old picture frame?2015-07-18 15:38:10
is this print with anything?2015-07-16 09:08:44
1720 George II paw & ball suite?2015-07-15 14:54:20
How much?2015-07-13 11:27:19
I would like to know the worth of an antique?2015-07-09 14:43:24
what is this?2015-07-08 17:47:40
Japanese dolls?2015-07-08 12:36:41
Limoges France Egg 3 leg value?2015-07-07 18:43:54
president and mrs john f kennedy creamer?2015-07-07 14:13:17
Antique tea cups Maddock?2015-07-06 11:41:27
Has anyone heard of an artist Eric Williams?2015-07-02 15:28:00
Antique dish?2015-06-29 17:02:51
Need more information on musical memorabilia?2015-06-28 16:38:53
How Much For A Carved Coffee Table with 6 Chair?2015-06-26 18:45:43
What is my brass crocodile nutcracker worth?2015-06-24 23:22:50
What does FCH stand for on a lithograph?2015-06-23 11:04:20
antique?2015-06-21 21:30:45
ahaow do it know if my plate is valuable?2015-06-18 12:43:16
Antique door but unknown material?2015-06-16 22:36:10
os this vase worth anything .?2015-06-15 11:12:51
How old is my horse?2015-06-14 16:25:44
I have a 1950-1960 branick floor jack.?2015-06-14 15:24:37
What is this?2015-06-14 05:22:19
silver plated tea set?2015-06-13 13:29:42
value of the blue carnival nursery rhyme plate?2015-06-12 12:50:27
What can you tell me about the furniture Broyhill?2015-06-11 21:59:31
Challen piano from late 1930's?2015-06-08 17:52:37
"occupied in Japan" mystery #175 year 1947?2015-06-08 10:28:58
need to know the worth of a book?2015-06-07 17:33:21
Hi please do you have any info on a picture thanks?2015-06-07 17:20:06
are 1945 chicago tribunes worth selling?2015-06-05 17:30:17
What is a 1930's challen piano worth?2015-06-04 12:51:34
Ethan Allen american traditional desk value?2015-05-31 11:05:31
Ships clock from Guerriere?2015-05-30 18:47:27
-----History of this doll?------?2015-05-30 15:28:21
Old cabinet has small cubby shelves in the bottom?2015-05-28 06:46:10
I have some spoons from 1959 by S&B ltd 22b/33?2015-05-26 12:58:17
I have two chairs, half round, one rocker?2015-05-25 22:33:42
was wondering how much my Kittinger table is worth?2015-05-25 17:14:14
Value of my Russell Wright Modern dinner ware.?2015-05-25 15:55:34
I want information about a wax-seal fruit jar.?2015-05-25 15:39:00
I need to find out about artist PF WHARTON?2015-05-25 10:50:42
I need to find out about artist PF WHARTON?2015-05-25 10:47:41
Who made my blanket?2015-05-24 14:44:47
Approximate value of an antique?2015-05-24 10:08:37
What is the makers mark HERRIOTT SHEFFIELD?2015-05-23 13:27:44
I have a square glass container made in w germany?2015-05-21 17:04:21
L&L WMC Purchase I made?2015-05-21 13:37:01
I have Bradley&Hubbard brass sconces. What worth?2015-05-20 14:33:21
Origins of a large painted egg?2015-05-20 08:02:30
is there a set of bronze figures calledthe singers?2015-05-18 13:08:24
PF Wharton artist have you heard of him?2015-05-17 14:12:04
Did I overpay for this? How much is it worth?2015-05-16 19:02:07
Triple Plate cup marked Bay State Plate Co.?2015-05-15 15:49:55
100 year+ solid oak drop leaf table?2015-05-14 17:41:04
How old are china figurines no stamp?2015-05-13 18:27:58
silver tray?2015-05-09 07:35:30
How do i date Glassware ?2015-05-07 09:40:52
Is my porcelain tea pot real antique?2015-05-05 08:07:59
Lancaster and Son Image enlarger?2015-05-03 09:43:56
Price of a painting?2015-04-30 04:03:59
I would like to know more about one item?2015-04-29 08:32:22
How much is a Burleigh Ware small china jug worth?2015-04-26 01:45:25
1941 jack kramer tennis racquet whats it worth?2015-04-25 18:41:42
Hall chair?2015-04-21 16:04:53
What is the meaning?2015-04-18 21:38:37
Plastic doll given out at fair1950?2015-04-16 07:56:55
What is the value of curved 1895 glass windows.?2015-04-14 13:45:28
EPZING PLATED small tea spoon or coffee spoon?2015-04-14 12:23:16
What does "Dora" signify in metalwork?2015-04-14 10:05:25
The worth of a jewerly box made by sedesdi Bosi ?2015-04-13 13:46:26
could you please tell me what this box is?2015-04-12 21:56:30
Frankoma?2015-04-08 18:50:13
How much could these 3 items be worth?2015-04-06 13:02:18
Keep original upholstery?2015-03-29 15:40:44
Jenaer glass teapot?2015-03-25 05:48:21
HOW TO I.D. T. & V. LIMOGES PATTERN?2015-03-21 19:05:15
We have a Ray and Miles armoire.?2015-03-20 18:39:03
genuine burma teak elephant?2015-03-16 14:08:08
Chest of drawers that comes apart in sections?2015-03-16 11:21:15
I have an Andrea bluebird family Sadek of Japan?2015-03-10 14:31:46
How much is ww2 1939 British war helmet worth?2015-03-06 04:19:57
How much for these Cup Saucer & Plates?2015-03-04 20:11:58
I have a Book How the Grinch stole christmas !?2015-02-28 11:22:39
Estimate on antique cherub chair & rocking chair?2015-02-25 21:30:45
What's it worth?2015-02-25 19:35:00
swing out drop leaf tables?2015-02-23 17:36:52
price about glasses?2015-02-23 04:49:44
very distinctive unusual designed rocking horse?2015-02-21 18:34:52
1900 or before pressed back dining table 4 chairs?2015-02-18 15:28:40
design on crock isn't centered is it worth less?2015-02-15 16:02:48
Is it one of kind when made bye and how much worth?2015-02-15 06:38:42
Authenticity of an old scottish sword?2015-02-08 05:30:46
I have an ivory and jade necklace?2015-02-06 07:10:32
Legitimus Collins #222 machete w/leather handle?2015-01-30 22:49:02
Doll / music box on handle / stick?2015-01-27 14:07:41
What is this worth? What was its purpose?2015-01-23 16:17:11
Farador patened 1914 still in original case. Value?2015-01-23 12:21:39
Jan korthals- Napoli and Amalfi?2015-01-22 17:10:51
Info please?2015-01-19 16:01:03
Antique Mule?2015-01-18 12:09:44
I have a ceiling 8 bulb fixture made of plaster.?2015-01-17 17:20:09
How much is it worth?2015-01-17 15:36:38
I have a small maybe iron or brass, 5.5 in,?2015-01-16 21:32:59
Do you have any info on antique German steins?2015-01-14 14:53:11
the value and history of a silver teapot?2015-01-12 20:52:30
Wooden doll about 90 yrs old?2015-01-09 19:09:50
$worth WWF conservation stamp colection?2015-01-08 16:52:05
do antique china dolls have eyelashes?2015-01-08 15:08:03
I want to find out the date.?2015-01-07 23:44:30
Can anyone shed some lighton a paperweight?2015-01-07 23:21:38
What type of vase is this?2015-01-07 19:07:15
black bowl that's really purple gold edge.?2015-01-01 23:26:49
do vernonware metlox have any value?2014-12-29 21:27:09
How do find the value of a vintage milk can?2014-12-26 01:58:41
Flour bin with Two-Way Top?2014-12-24 16:59:55
I would like some idea on a painting by Haywood?2014-12-23 13:33:19
is this old looks bible I found an antique?2014-12-21 07:04:00
I have a Brayton California queen head Blackmore.?2014-12-19 20:27:07
I have antique metal slipper I need evaluation?2014-12-18 11:22:18
My 2 Ming chargers , are they genuine?2014-12-14 12:14:54
I have david of london picture 0277 73310?2014-12-12 09:53:56
set of 13 Russian fairy tale plates?2014-12-11 05:42:20
clarriss cliff celtic harvest bowl value please?2014-12-11 05:26:49
What was the 1959 hummel figurine?2014-12-09 13:04:14
The bottles worth How rare is it Background info?2014-12-09 08:20:23
what is this?2014-12-08 22:35:03
value of 1971 plastic Pillsbury doll?2014-12-08 12:31:46
what year was my clock made?2014-12-04 07:49:17
Hi I bought a HMS voyager ship in an antique shop?2014-12-01 17:15:58
Franco-Indian Rosewood Colonial Display Cabinet?2014-12-01 10:49:53
Help Identify Samovar?2014-11-30 01:55:17
Royal Albert silver birch pattern piece what is it?2014-11-27 20:33:24
Value of 2 silver candlesticks?2014-11-26 19:25:02
I am wondering about pottery mark,?2014-11-24 22:15:52
what is value of etching,artist?2014-11-23 15:40:17
Ive came in posesion of a chest..?2014-11-23 14:45:14
How much would a book signed by Mark twain sell fo?2014-11-22 12:40:25
Is an old piano has any value?2014-11-20 17:30:53
I have a big box of McDonalds toys all unopend?2014-11-20 00:34:54
How can I tell if something I have is rare?2014-11-18 17:54:27
Small Wooden Matches?2014-11-18 13:13:30
Looking to clarify a valuation...?2014-11-17 14:16:20
I inherited a chamber set?2014-11-17 10:38:17
Any value?2014-11-16 05:56:42
value of a Dandy 26" wood and coal burning stove?2014-11-13 12:40:51
What is this worth in good condition?2014-11-11 20:44:33
i have a 40 in. metal ballerina on metal block?2014-11-08 14:26:15
Hi i have a big brass bolt?2014-11-07 09:33:36
Will antique furniture survive in tropical climate?2014-11-06 02:12:29
Can I send a pic of something I found?2014-11-03 21:02:37
What would the bears have had in their paws?2014-11-03 11:52:54
how can I identify my antique ceramic canisters?2014-11-01 17:07:45
Is abbeydale pottery valuable?2014-10-31 11:52:32
What is it?2014-10-30 20:29:55
phew much are naughtical print templates worth?2014-10-30 15:56:22
Who is this made by?2014-10-26 23:50:01
Statue figurine?2014-10-23 21:28:22
Is my 1950s medicine bottle worth anything?2014-10-23 20:59:34
Is my clock antique and of and value?2014-10-21 08:03:40
I have a fireplace front made of cast iron. Worth?2014-10-20 10:47:39
Large black heavy trunk with Cunard stickers?2014-10-19 07:05:33
difference between an antique and something old?2014-10-09 13:33:36
value of Providence Inkstand Plymouth Rock?2014-10-07 15:59:52
Should I polish my brass umbrella stand?2014-10-06 22:18:26
like to know value of?2014-10-05 18:14:36
Japanese or chinese erotic figurines worth?2014-10-05 05:02:35
i want to know abit more about my jewelry?2014-10-04 17:00:33
Antique - Wappler E.C. Co?2014-10-03 21:16:58
I have a vanity I think it maybe Victorian 1940's?2014-09-29 22:43:42
How do I find knobs for an antique stove?2014-09-29 20:08:58
What is the value of my old brass water sprayer?2014-09-29 13:23:09
Is my antique pipe worth anything?2014-09-28 11:28:45
Hi I have a WW2 plate set from Japan.?2014-09-28 10:59:49
Hello, wondering if my insect collection is rare?2014-09-28 09:12:51
Can you identify a marking?2014-09-22 14:51:09
II dont know much about these,can u help?2014-09-21 21:41:11
These look like wine glasses from the 1800's ?2014-09-20 16:25:53
Is it crystal or glass, what is approximate value?2014-09-18 09:17:52
are these of any value?2014-09-13 11:14:36
I have my grandfater's?2014-09-13 09:53:46
How much it worth and where I could sell?2014-09-08 08:54:46
How to dismantle a Victorian break-front wardrobe?2014-09-07 11:59:22
"Bread Box" ?2014-09-07 01:17:46
Value of solid wood butchers block with stamp?2014-09-06 22:33:15
I have a fairy tail book made by Marx.?2014-09-05 06:01:18
How much is a Singer sewing machine worth.?2014-09-05 05:55:18
Year and value of Gorham teapot?2014-09-04 12:47:18
What is it?2014-09-03 17:32:42
How old is a Olivetti Lexington 80 typewritter?2014-09-03 15:38:31
Antique doll?2014-09-01 04:22:36
I have a humpback trunk metal maybe silver key?2014-08-31 11:46:38
T S R watercolours?2014-08-31 08:48:58
Wedgwood Green Jasperware cache pot?2014-08-30 15:39:28
I have a affek 6 piece cup and saucer set?2014-08-30 11:38:16
Cast Iron Frog--Year, Info & Value?2014-08-30 09:31:13
online help who knew from pictures, where comes fr?2014-08-30 07:21:01
What jus the value of it and year of manufacture?2014-08-27 19:29:18
can you tell me the year and value?2014-08-24 16:35:06
Can you tell me the year and value?2014-08-24 16:30:53
Can you tell me the year and value?2014-08-24 16:29:04
Fishermans prayer prince william 22 carat gold mug?2014-08-20 17:16:08
What is a tea pot worth from?2014-08-19 12:54:18
Value of Roman eagle stove?2014-08-19 03:17:22
Hakata Urasaki collection, prices?2014-08-18 20:35:50
I have a scale replica of corydon In. Buildings?2014-08-18 18:00:35
insurance policy from 1867 & 1870?2014-08-18 13:19:38
Yankess signed baseball 1951 ish?2014-08-16 17:46:41
How old is this ? Whats the hallmark called? Value?2014-08-13 14:10:22
Old Masonic Knights Templar Sword?2014-08-05 22:31:30
Trenton pocket watch origin date and worth?2014-08-03 21:47:20
Did you mean: I have a small cup and saucer , meta?2014-08-03 13:24:56
Did you mean: I have a small cup and saucer , meta?2014-08-03 13:23:40
Paper mache fire screen?2014-08-03 11:51:50
Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Wheel Chair age ?2014-08-03 09:47:55
Wooden desk age?2014-08-02 10:39:32
Looking for value of an old gas light?2014-08-01 22:53:42
Glass reindeer that is colored?2014-08-01 13:46:16
have a rodger hill book aprox 60 pages his sketch?2014-07-29 12:49:10
The value of a old gas lamp in my historic home?2014-07-29 12:14:33
how much its worth?2014-07-29 01:57:55
Pitcher and Vase Royal Sealy Japan?2014-07-27 13:57:34
what is this?2014-07-26 19:25:28
can you help me identify if my brass statue is old?2014-07-26 10:06:11
framed taxidermy butterfly art is it old?2014-07-25 23:40:16
What is it worth?2014-07-25 04:27:39
king henry the fourth crest on heavy metal plaque?2014-07-24 12:41:36
Monson Maine slate slant front sink?2014-07-23 21:42:28
i have a wrought iron and glass candle holder?2014-07-22 21:59:29
How old/ what are they worth.?2014-07-22 08:46:05
price on 1880 dress & matching small doll?2014-07-21 12:27:58
small metal cup and saucer ,?2014-07-20 16:23:58
petti coat mirror?2014-07-20 14:20:20
I have a French pink glass dressing table set?2014-07-20 12:42:23
What is it and value?2014-07-19 12:31:34
What is it and value?2014-07-19 12:29:23
Royal Worcester brown jug?2014-07-19 10:43:56
Old Disney Cinderella Mirror?2014-07-17 15:24:12
How old is this corner chair? What is it worth?2014-07-14 14:38:34
what is the value?2014-07-13 09:04:13
I have a J.A Olsen Permaflect Oval wall mirror?2014-07-11 12:47:21
Value of L&L HMC lamp?2014-07-07 16:31:29
Origins of chair?2014-07-06 19:55:15
Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help me.?2014-07-02 15:33:50
Year of manufacture for this sewing machine?2014-06-30 00:34:13
I have a carving of Christ from a tree branch.?2014-06-29 15:37:24
radiant heating gas flow computer 1930s ?2014-06-25 06:16:47
Vietnamese lacquar painting?2014-06-24 14:06:22
Kellogg 1000 series Masterphones Advertisement?2014-06-24 13:44:50
Price antique double sided glass painted Picture?2014-06-24 13:37:59
Inquiry about old dolls?2014-06-19 16:08:22
ever hear of the Henry E. Crammatte Instrument co?2014-06-18 20:06:30
What is my vintage couroc tray worth?2014-06-18 16:26:25
What marking is this?2014-06-18 15:52:29
has these any value?2014-06-18 13:31:55
value?2014-06-14 00:05:36
What is my antique brass door knocker worth?2014-06-13 17:10:23
..marboro plate morton parker epns canada 303?2014-06-12 21:43:47
Is this an antique bowl?2014-06-11 07:53:29
When and where is this from?2014-06-08 18:50:28
I found an old leather chest or record album holde?2014-06-08 14:49:58
Who is artist Vente'?2014-06-08 05:32:15
What is thimble holder worth?2014-06-07 13:14:58
I have a 1937 International Medical Digest W. F.?2014-06-06 18:24:17
Mendelssohn derby conn USA piano?2014-06-06 15:22:20
How much worth?2014-06-04 19:24:27
small oval dish. 2"x3"x1" Is it valuable?2014-06-04 17:24:50
What does it mean, is it worth $375?2014-05-31 02:15:57
Age and origin of buttons.?2014-05-29 09:40:49
porcelain vase?2014-05-27 18:56:56
What r the worth?2014-05-27 00:37:12
How old are they and what are they worth?2014-05-24 21:08:10
I have a very unique Possum belly bakers table.?2014-05-23 14:05:00
we have a KLM Staffordshire England Jardeniure?2014-05-22 05:46:38
Value of Atlas?2014-05-16 17:18:14
Value of This Old Map?2014-05-16 17:15:09
10 1/4" crown staffordshire a15323 tray rare?2014-05-13 20:20:44
old Russian porcelain Gardner Pridvor Kuznetzov?2014-05-11 19:23:42
What is this wooden incubator worth?2014-05-04 14:00:04
worth of 1910 mass. motor cycle reg. fob.?2014-04-29 19:43:31
How can I tell if my refrigerator boxex are antiqu?2014-04-25 12:13:26
I have a Vintage Silver Tone & Copper Hand Carved?2014-04-18 02:04:30
Bronze bust identity?2014-04-13 10:15:01
price of his masters voice if sold ???2014-04-12 13:01:46
I have an orange glass pinnicho stands?2014-04-09 14:11:43
What is the value of Mccoy LCC mug 6049?2014-04-07 21:26:40
Okay?2014-04-06 23:33:15
I have an old roll top desk with hidden drawers?2014-03-29 20:21:39
German Democratic Republic china set?2014-03-26 20:42:16
Where hey this pen and how valid?2014-03-26 13:02:15
Antique wooden rocking chair age?2014-03-25 21:40:24
I have a bowl with the monogram VOC East India Dut?2014-03-24 16:26:39
Antique Lace Tablecloth with letters ROMGL?2014-03-15 15:02:15
Reed and Barton silver soldered WARD LINE SUGAR?2014-03-14 18:16:31
Mark on a porcelain teaser?2014-03-10 17:03:58
Hw to tell diff btwn Charles May & Charles Mappin?2014-03-05 17:07:46
what is the value of this picture?2014-03-04 21:14:22
what is the value of a chiefton phonograph player?2014-03-03 21:17:04
Who made it and out of what wood?2014-03-03 17:01:06
Is it an antique?2014-02-26 11:03:46
Spittoon or slop bucket?2014-02-24 15:37:52
Serve ware marked POTFER 8?2014-02-14 12:44:26
Any info on American Standard key would clocks?2014-02-10 14:26:36
XOSO Board Game?2014-02-04 07:15:55
IChock Full O' nuts New York skyline cans?2014-02-04 00:11:47
What is item used for?2014-01-29 20:02:51
Is an old mattress sack or cover worth anything?2014-01-25 15:46:15
What time period do these glasses come from?2014-01-24 15:30:33
Do you know of an artist M Emch and Framing Guild?2014-01-17 20:25:56
i have a mintons vase?2014-01-13 13:39:46
is it worth anything?2014-01-13 00:24:48
I have a water colour by j g Bradshaw do u no him?2014-01-12 12:13:52
table imformation?2014-01-11 10:41:50
History on items?2014-01-05 00:17:00
How old and how much is it worth?2014-01-04 14:23:48
vintage, 4 headed lion metal fountain?2014-01-01 11:26:19
How rare is this cigarette dispenser?2013-12-18 14:26:05
I have a bicentennial plate with 2 backstamps?2013-12-12 12:19:22
I have a Egyptian Fan. Want history/value?2013-12-06 16:36:43
How old and what's it worth?2013-12-05 17:28:59
i have a Persian rug can you tell me its value?2013-12-01 01:54:17
Franciscan Masterpiece China, Silver Pine. USA?2013-11-26 22:01:36
what does 5006 and A1 mean on silver plate?2013-11-26 08:57:17
what is this worth?2013-11-22 07:33:52
What film does a Keystone k-774 camera take?2013-11-20 16:36:12
1950's ercol style cabinet?2013-11-18 18:20:51
1950 Caloric Enamel Range great shape ,value?2013-11-17 14:07:24
New Hall Hanley England Dinner set?2013-11-14 02:35:17
where can i sell epns purchased in approx 1970?2013-11-05 09:07:35
How can I tell if kutane porcelain is real?2013-11-01 21:16:57
pre 1900 heavy metal asian ornament?2013-11-01 07:25:15
miniature ceramic animals?2013-10-28 10:02:18
I have a paint queen of the sea macgregor 1939?2013-10-23 23:43:36
what kind of board?2013-10-19 18:28:51
I purchased a vizalator recently.?2013-10-15 12:42:43
I have a small typeejug bronze or brass?2013-09-30 05:12:55
Old wooden chair with upholstered seat and back?2013-09-23 02:02:12
what are the origins of this little trophy?2013-09-19 14:31:08
Label W. F. C. Co, Number 8 Sideboard Value/Date?2013-09-16 06:12:18
HIwatt Custom Slave 100, Amp owned by SLADE?2013-09-14 08:29:20
What is the stamp on my dresser handles?2013-09-13 08:38:40
What kind of lamp is this?2013-09-11 08:26:06
What is the etched mark on old lab. glassware ?2013-09-11 06:20:41
Windmill large silver spoon?2013-09-11 04:38:29
GB Kalee letter opener?2013-09-10 17:28:59
How can I find the value of an item?2013-09-09 19:13:06
what cast iron company has a heart stamped in it?2013-09-07 17:07:31
Ashtray Collector?2013-09-03 20:30:03
How old would this be and what's it worth?2013-09-03 00:09:21
I was hoping to find out about a family plate.?2013-09-02 05:04:00
Is the hair dryer worth anything?2013-09-01 11:03:33
I have an old armoire,?2013-08-31 13:27:21
Need help with info on 2 japan handpainted statues?2013-08-30 13:48:48
Sterling silver spoon, the age & value?2013-08-27 14:50:44
rogers a-1 triple plate?2013-08-26 19:06:04
I cannot find an image anywhere of an item I have?2013-08-26 13:20:25
What's the name of this lamp?2013-08-26 05:59:49
Value of Harmony House G403?2013-08-22 13:45:52
HALFORDS KIDS BIKE?2013-08-20 06:10:07
How much is Queen Victoria coronation saucer worth?2013-08-19 07:06:29
I have a antique biscuit bucket 1618?2013-08-18 16:34:11
How old is it? What is it worth?2013-08-17 12:23:49
what is it?2013-08-16 09:29:17
where do I find these?2013-08-13 21:48:08
how much its worth?2013-08-12 19:43:22
what is it?2013-08-10 20:32:56
what have I got and from what year?2013-08-10 20:04:02
toby jug man dressed blue ralph enoch 1750-1784?2013-08-08 03:48:35
How much would Al Jolson era records be worth?2013-08-06 11:53:42
How can I find out what something is?2013-07-30 23:33:10
Can you tell me about my vase?2013-07-29 00:13:54
paint from macgregor?2013-07-28 23:09:14
I have a possible Imari platter, need confirmation?2013-07-26 16:51:15
I have a Ellen Duran picture of 2 lion cubs?2013-07-23 16:16:30
J. A. Olson mirror 26 in w x 66 in h. value?2013-07-21 14:57:51
Value of 4 pc Heywood Wakefield Rattan set .?2013-07-19 20:21:27
Antique baby porcelain figure?2013-07-19 17:12:06
winged back chairs?2013-07-18 06:18:50
How much is wool coverlet?2013-07-15 22:02:37
Do you know what this is and if its worth anything?2013-07-13 21:02:13
what is this? worth anything? How do I send PIC?2013-07-09 10:45:28
What do I have and is it worth anything?2013-07-06 21:02:07
I have a Coon Chicken Inn Plate, value?2013-07-02 17:47:43
How much is my WW2 era walking stick worth?2013-06-29 02:03:07
How much is a 1928 singer sewing machine worth?2013-06-23 04:45:11
32 oz ballantine's beer bottle from 1947?2013-06-21 20:47:14
Info on my china?2013-06-21 12:44:29
whats the value of this sword?2013-06-19 21:08:19
Can someone help me identify some old Chinese plaq?2013-06-15 15:36:29
Mystery paintings, need information.?2013-06-15 11:15:41
INFO ON OLD WATCH?2013-06-15 09:10:24
Why is my estate sale this year such a bust?2013-06-14 12:40:08
How to send Safely Jewellery Worldwide?2013-06-09 16:25:14
small matches holder,hand painted japan on back?2013-06-09 10:33:42
the Keen antique laythe?2013-06-08 23:06:45
websters dictionary unbridged second edition?2013-06-08 23:05:51
Cam you tell me about my glass carafe?2013-06-08 22:28:33
a paint from mac Gregor (Queen of the Sea 1939?2013-06-04 00:07:17
What materials used; safe for desserts on a doily?2013-06-03 23:04:11
Watex Incaster wristwatch?2013-06-01 12:53:18
Table?2013-05-29 13:17:08
J.Peterman Pool Table Lamp?2013-05-28 20:19:30
Are our chairs Thonet?2013-05-26 15:01:13
Possible Rococo chairs and a gold mirror?2013-05-25 15:05:37
Help identifying lamps?2013-05-25 07:59:11
is it worth anything?2013-05-21 10:17:34
I have a steamer trunk upright?2013-05-21 07:23:48
origin/value of lamp?2013-05-20 17:50:20
how old is this picture of the black madona?2013-05-16 22:53:13
Value of grandmother clock purchsd 1979 Germany?2013-05-14 10:54:54
silver plated bunnykins bank 1998?2013-05-14 00:24:28
What's the origin and value of my antique sword?2013-05-11 07:10:21
an old sword that i have....?2013-05-10 21:34:45
I would like to know more about two postcards I ha?2013-05-10 06:20:20
Have a Albany FDY door stop #124 NO paint left?2013-05-06 17:20:47
Is this bowl antique?2013-04-24 16:19:01
Bowler Hat?2013-04-24 15:20:27
Old photos with negatives of Jackie Robinson?2013-04-23 06:51:26
i have an antique chinese scroll?2013-04-19 09:25:51
would like to know possible value...?2013-04-17 13:43:30
Antique Oak european made narrow tall cabinet?2013-04-16 22:16:23
Can you date and identify my vases?2013-04-15 08:38:58
Mickey Mouse/ Star-Trek Collectables.?2013-04-14 13:52:00
how much would my antiques be worth?2013-04-14 07:25:24
Figurine question?2013-04-12 00:29:43
Johnson Brothers Friendly Village Markings?2013-04-11 22:14:21
I have a nursery record album of ten 78 records i?2013-04-10 04:47:18
Who or what is Riebeek?2013-04-10 04:42:44
How old is it, whats the value, what is it called?2013-04-05 12:13:10
Information on a stone and string monkey?2013-04-05 09:37:14
What is my china worth?2013-04-04 21:14:29
C.G Conn Elkhart LTD New York Trombone?2013-04-04 15:00:34
What could be the price?2013-04-03 15:20:29
picture frame with an old gold boat inside?2013-04-03 11:13:55
Tea set?2013-04-02 17:51:45
What is the value of my table?2013-03-30 17:54:45
On a Webster Wilcox International silverware?2013-03-30 11:41:08
What is this dresser?2013-03-28 01:52:00
What is this worth?2013-03-23 18:59:54
what is this worth?2013-03-22 15:06:51
I want to know value of folk art ship in a cabinet?2013-03-20 04:56:51
When was it made and what is its approximate value?2013-03-19 13:54:01
can you tell me what they are?2013-03-15 08:18:48
Are my spear and jackson (ashberry)ltd cosmic?2013-03-14 13:08:49
Are my lamps collectible?2013-03-13 11:48:05
Is my John Leone painting real? i?2013-03-12 20:04:48
I have a clock made by johaan maresch?2013-03-04 09:02:39
Edgar Degas "taking the bow"?2013-03-02 16:18:54
Can you give me some advice on brass candlesticks?2013-03-02 05:36:22
I have a premax pressure indicator 1930s?2013-03-01 17:55:31
Hi, i have a question about a tea caddy/jam pot/?2013-02-28 17:16:26
Can anyone tell me about an antique brass canteen?2013-02-25 17:15:11
What is it worth?2013-02-24 16:00:41
7" pewter whale oil lamp, Endicott & Sumner?2013-02-24 15:57:19
How much is an old mirror worth?2013-02-22 13:05:47
how much is a italian TERNI m 1891 bayonet worth?2013-02-19 14:42:40
i have a vase chinese the is a red stamp on base?2013-02-19 09:34:00
Need price range on Vntage bag?2013-02-19 02:02:45
Thisis the first time asking a question?2013-02-18 13:42:59
What is my wooden mirror Cocacola tray worth?2013-02-18 13:33:43
Antique Small Brief Case owned by historic figure?2013-02-08 15:21:56
i have an odd piece?2013-02-04 16:29:54
What furniture co did Warren Mirror Works supply?2013-02-04 13:06:06
Value of Windsir Rockers?2013-02-04 11:06:43
1902 Kimball piano with its certificate.?2013-02-02 14:43:28
Where is the best place to find out about my teddy?2013-01-30 20:05:01
need to age and value my sofa?2013-01-30 18:26:19
1862 golden girl calendar by todd corporation?2013-01-27 22:18:13
Wood roller skates.?2013-01-27 20:34:26
cedar chest/ Landau Cabinet Co. St. Louis, MO?2013-01-27 14:46:52
about Royal Albert Lady Hamilton pattern?2013-01-26 20:13:50
two vases hand painted made in Portugal in 1818?2013-01-26 11:48:32
brides basket with a coin over the makers mark?2013-01-25 11:20:18
what is it worth?2013-01-24 14:38:25
how much its worth?2013-01-19 19:04:50
How much would this be worth?2013-01-19 16:40:29
Have a old cast iron hand pump what's worth?2013-01-17 19:09:15
Information on a Samovar?2013-01-17 15:30:51
Appraisal for Royal Holland plates?2013-01-16 21:38:05
Appraisal for a silver plate from Croydon or #1114?2013-01-16 20:56:44
Appraisal for 'Amston Sterling' dish #723?2013-01-16 20:44:44
I have a burleigh ware plate?2013-01-15 16:22:36
Antique "Royal" porcelain?2013-01-15 02:03:14
WM Rogers silver candleabra with a eagle & star?2013-01-13 15:59:12
Can you give me any info on my wall pocket?2013-01-10 15:48:38
1917, brass kelvin and hughes hour glass?2013-01-10 06:35:51
value Permaflect mirror, 30x48?2013-01-07 21:22:12
How old and the value.?2013-01-03 12:12:58
i have a pitcher bought in 1930 from jewel tea.?2013-01-02 13:08:45
how i go about selling an item?2012-12-30 07:31:24
i have a diningtable at home 6 seater 1950.?2012-12-26 22:23:38
Would like a name and price on this.?2012-12-23 15:21:26
american cooker 1910 no.66?2012-12-20 08:23:36
History of HEHLEY petrol lighter & value?2012-12-19 15:52:29
what is the value of a 1960s tretchikoff signed pr?2012-12-18 19:20:46
Antique Cast Iron Cricket Pull Toy by Simanco USA?2012-12-17 19:54:29
Value of Huntley bedroom furnitre Model 1230?2012-12-15 23:07:33
caesars pocono resorts shot glass 22k gold by asta?2012-12-15 18:53:17
Whats the year and history of copper plate?2012-12-11 14:51:40
Hi a have Chinese or Japanese info?2012-12-09 11:53:09
How old is my bedroom set?2012-12-08 14:39:03
What year were pearse fire extinguishers produced?2012-12-06 22:58:48
Any info on it and value please?2012-12-05 06:29:33
Ray Miles cabinet info. please?2012-12-03 12:49:45
is a gold tudor royal ladies watch a rolex?2012-11-28 06:44:05
have you seen a antique dog lease handles?2012-11-27 14:17:26
vintage hammered aluminum bowl stamped salcoware?2012-11-27 08:48:23
Age and value of my pirate chest?2012-11-26 07:30:31
name of chair with 2 seats dif. directions.?2012-11-23 00:21:30
1. Is this antique and can you tell me about it?2012-11-22 21:31:06
Radio?2012-11-18 14:05:30
Wedgwood dinner plate?2012-11-17 12:33:14
what is this?2012-11-17 12:18:27
Want too no if there is any value in this sign?2012-11-16 20:12:04
who makes kilncraft, inc I40?2012-11-15 02:07:48
can you help find information on my guitar?2012-11-13 16:48:31
What is a night box?2012-11-10 13:03:10
Bronze Cherub armrest support?2012-11-09 22:40:59
Old signs?2012-11-09 13:38:51
What is spoon used for?2012-11-09 13:05:44
Price ? Booths Old Willow AB025 made in england?2012-11-07 13:36:59
Value gunlocke chair?2012-11-05 16:04:25
Value of card collection?2012-11-04 16:30:02
I have a 67 piece noritake dinner set Fiona 2055?2012-11-04 02:16:00
need 2 know more about 18 century temple carvings?2012-11-03 21:37:43
austrian vienna bronze parrot with geschutzt?2012-10-29 12:33:43
I dont know what this piece is or what its for.?2012-10-28 20:00:59
What is its worth and how to sell it?2012-10-27 10:20:39
i have a antique sewing machine it is a kenmore i?2012-10-24 13:25:35
Can someone tell me about this teacup?2012-10-21 08:40:36
how do i find out where it come from or who made?2012-10-20 12:07:14
How much is my Il Cacciatore painting worth?2012-10-13 13:17:41
A poster of a pretty lady by Keith Mallett.?2012-10-09 15:54:33
Robert Wood print, mountains, trees, cabin?2012-10-09 15:53:44
an original Ray Gluss, very good, Lions?2012-10-09 15:52:28
I'd like more information on this grain grinder.?2012-10-09 04:56:48
What was this bench made for?2012-10-05 16:16:55
Guggenheim Safety Congress?2012-10-02 19:23:04
I have a two piece display cabinet.?2012-09-30 04:43:33
need more information on our royal doulton teapot?2012-09-28 12:40:51
markings on bowl ?2012-09-28 07:35:23
How to find more info on a lamp made my M.B. CoNY?2012-09-27 15:13:20
I have just bought a cast iron book press?2012-09-25 15:38:51
George McLagan Sideboard.?2012-09-22 21:10:30
I have a question on a piece I found in a wall/?2012-09-22 19:43:12
Can you identify carvings on chairs?2012-09-22 10:44:38
What should I do with old stereo cabinet?2012-09-21 23:44:59
Can you tell me about these?2012-09-21 12:25:49
Pemberton and oaks minature plates?2012-09-20 23:10:28
1022#wiz of Oz lp album cover?2012-09-20 13:38:00
Hi. need hepl with large bronze?2012-09-20 06:09:02
Weather station made by Marsellus Casket Co.?2012-09-19 11:34:12
Is it worth the money to restore?2012-09-18 19:16:08
what are they & there worth please?2012-09-18 11:17:03
age & info on copper coated porcelain tea pot set?2012-09-18 11:03:52
why do plate slots go front 2 back in china cabine?2012-09-16 18:18:16
Value/Explanation on unknown piece?2012-09-16 15:01:48
Is.the drawer on a Duncan Phyfe table dovetailed?2012-09-15 20:56:21
wondering if worth any thing?2012-09-15 15:27:23
Wondering what these things are and used for?2012-09-14 14:21:33
I have an antique roll out table, worth anything?2012-09-13 15:24:45
old vanity that I refinished. Find out its worth?2012-09-13 14:41:57
I have an old document from NY Merchants Ass.?2012-09-13 13:24:31
can I send picture of antiques to you?2012-09-11 12:14:12
Is this cheval intact?2012-09-10 20:03:03
Antique armoire?2012-09-10 12:00:41
B Merli figurine of a British policeman?2012-09-09 10:32:37
antique vase with a raised stamped numbers value?2012-09-08 22:49:47
How can I find the value of a print from the 1830s?2012-09-08 10:51:06
Value of my vase?2012-09-08 10:02:19
E.H.H. Smith Silver Co. Small Teapot?2012-09-07 18:21:58
how much is it worth?2012-09-07 08:16:14
Antique specimen jar?2012-09-05 04:16:08
Looking for information about a scarf slide.?2012-09-03 17:17:31
Value of Detroit Stove Works - Jewell ?2012-09-03 14:13:30
Albrecht Durer painting from 1514?2012-09-02 23:48:35
toy cast iron cannon with eagle serpent on cannon.?2012-09-02 14:30:49
How collectable are these things:?2012-09-01 15:39:30
Want to know if valuable or not?2012-09-01 11:52:26
What is the age and value?2012-09-01 10:00:59
A letter on birch bark(circa 1600).?2012-08-31 22:45:08
Old Sailor's head sculpture??2012-08-31 19:22:29
green enamel bowl, by evans?2012-08-30 20:38:34
How do I store a wax flower tiara?2012-08-29 20:48:28
Serving style table by Weiman Furniture?2012-08-29 18:15:40
How old is my whistle, and how much is it worth?2012-08-28 13:03:24
How much is my plate worth?2012-08-26 21:15:21
permaflect mirror made by j.a. olson compan?2012-08-25 18:31:52
determining age of a antique clock?2012-08-23 05:57:44
valuation of a pair of vases please.?2012-08-21 14:45:02
want to know year of silver bracelet?2012-08-21 11:23:27
ive got a bamboo fishing rod what it worth?2012-08-20 11:36:17
Is 1938 Union Made stool valuable?2012-08-19 17:06:55
how much is it worth?2012-08-19 06:46:58
Morton Parker e p n s Canada 102 79 silver platter?2012-08-18 21:09:38
Is this valuable? How old? Meaning of medal?2012-08-16 14:12:42
ive a large hexagonal bowl stamped wedgwood?2012-08-16 05:35:11
hepworth furniture co., ltd. caninet?2012-08-16 00:09:22
Are these items antiques?2012-08-14 22:31:42
I need a price on a Kihara Japanese drafting kit?2012-08-13 23:05:17
Identifying Vase?2012-08-13 20:29:19
Tea set. Coffee set? Makers mark RSM? Libertas?2012-08-13 14:20:10
value of spoon?2012-08-13 11:53:52
Is there any value in the item?2012-08-11 05:31:20
Blue and white pot with lid sand faced finish?2012-08-10 09:16:39
How much would you estimate these books cost?2012-08-08 08:13:09
Is leffon china hand painted 2904 worth anything?2012-08-07 20:48:04
hi i have a cut glass sugar bowl tray n milk jug?2012-08-06 09:47:48
mustard jar salt pepper set?2012-08-04 09:59:37
The book of common prayer 1805 is it an antique??2012-08-04 03:10:50
silver chamber candlestick?2012-08-03 07:14:36
information on my mini wrench with rd wood handle?2012-08-01 09:15:28
What would the value be on the following:?2012-07-29 09:11:59
History, worth, creator?2012-07-28 23:05:05
How much are the China Dishes Worth?2012-07-25 19:27:21
Stoneware?2012-07-25 15:11:12
John Wilson Engraver?2012-07-25 10:01:34
Value and possible age of porcelain piece.?2012-07-24 15:16:39
ROMEO E GIULIETTA Figurines. where are they from?h?2012-07-23 11:54:04
Ships badge from the coronation of Q Mary 1911?2012-07-21 23:35:44
how to date and find the maker of my jug.?2012-07-21 14:19:44
Possible value of a very old Pentak (Eng) camera?2012-07-20 12:45:08
Anybody know anything about Bofill bronze statues?2012-07-19 10:59:14
Set of 6 forks, appear to be brass.?2012-07-17 22:57:11
I have a record from 1988 need more information?2012-07-14 14:02:21
is franciscan dishes have any value?2012-07-12 13:05:40
info on finger lamp shaped like sandaled foot?2012-07-12 02:03:49
wHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE?2012-07-05 09:13:04
I found a few items I am unsure how to research?2012-07-04 14:36:14
I have a tissue type serviette about the lustanai?2012-06-27 11:19:19
I have a tissue type serviette about the lustanai?2012-06-27 11:16:53
Antique drop leaf table, no s Builders name?2012-06-25 14:25:45
i have a Alabama $100 No 834 how much is it valued?2012-06-25 13:31:58
What do you know & why scenes of different Kings?2012-06-22 12:17:40
Information about what I believe is a framed print?2012-06-22 02:02:51
Do you have any info about this unusual Myott?2012-06-21 12:54:11
Silver Military Shingle brush english in box?2012-06-20 06:23:56
i want i a value me antiques?2012-06-18 11:36:33
How can I authenticate a piece of pottery?2012-06-17 18:26:34
i want more info on a Austrian 1800s bronze candl?2012-06-15 18:32:11
worth of a M.M.R's Ensemble Vanity?2012-06-15 18:23:55
Rare Antique Pairpoint Silver Oranger Holder c1890?2012-06-11 21:23:03
What's the current market for antique furniture?2012-06-10 12:50:29
Madame Postempska's painting valuable?2012-06-09 19:10:25
Van Briggle?2012-06-09 18:08:17
Is a 1950 General Electric Refridgerator have valu?2012-06-08 23:49:44
what is the value of a World War 1 helmet?2012-06-07 15:05:44
this vase is unmarked, eny ideas abgut it, its?2012-06-06 17:42:48
is the plate worth any thing?2012-06-03 20:43:33
What is this?2012-05-28 16:29:27
Is it a geniune royal dux set and how old is it?2012-05-28 16:27:04
clean a library tables' brass on glass claw feet?2012-05-28 15:14:19
What is the value of solid teak drink`s sideboard?2012-05-27 17:15:08
Does anyone know the value?2012-05-26 19:21:18
What is the age and possible value.?2012-05-25 20:35:14
Seeking the value of my Nipper dog.?2012-05-24 13:00:56
Do you know what the initials WMH & S stand for?2012-05-23 15:49:40
How much is a monarch wood cook stove worth?2012-05-21 09:41:45
8 inch solid ivory ladle, where made?2012-05-19 14:43:21
Is a untitled Arthur Drummond picture worth anythi?2012-05-18 11:55:09
Tea Service with Hallmakr F&F EP - is it valuable?2012-05-17 11:48:36
beswick eaton wild eyes 91st cow?2012-05-14 03:21:59
cooper clayton character jugs?2012-05-10 14:30:10
vintage mickey mouse alarm clock?2012-05-10 09:08:08
can i send you a picture of something?2012-05-09 11:39:03
Where to find information?2012-05-05 21:49:53
What could have been it purpose ?Age? Value?2012-05-05 06:52:46
What is the Lunning Collection - figural pottery?2012-05-04 18:53:17
Old Ivory necklace can I sell it?2012-05-03 10:14:12
Old Water Cooler?2012-05-02 07:34:24
violin pietro vareni / neapoli anno 1810,value ?2012-04-30 16:26:08
I have a piece of luggage?2012-04-30 10:32:23
How much is a Gaulish Gladiator Rome 2ndC Figurine?2012-04-29 16:04:56
?weather station with marcellus casket company?2012-04-27 16:19:00
hi i have to minton wall plates what r they worth?2012-04-27 08:35:56
What is it?2012-04-26 14:47:50
How old/when was this hutch made?2012-04-24 21:53:26
where can i find a specialist in swedish antiques?2012-04-23 09:55:23
How much can a cassette 60 year old Bible worth?2012-04-16 22:48:26
Is this vase worth anything?2012-04-16 22:11:47
How much is a WHITE STAR LINE wooden coathanger wo?2012-04-16 19:24:57
Have they any value to them.?2012-04-15 15:39:52
MEISSEN COURT FIGURE?2012-04-13 17:35:59
native american moccasins?2012-04-13 03:49:10
beatles and john lennon vinyls?2012-04-10 10:42:59
I Have and WM Rogers silver plate Serving tray?2012-04-06 15:48:11
whats silver nickel tankard and 2 goblets worth?2012-04-04 16:03:38
how much are my old english coins worth?2012-04-03 13:58:27
What is the value of my cast iron dog boot scraper?2012-04-01 17:24:22
Is my old bottle of any value?2012-03-31 08:24:01
I have a unique piece that was carved in wood?2012-03-29 10:26:58
what would a curved table with curved legs be wort?2012-03-27 09:14:11
The works of Alexander Pope Esq; vol.1?2012-03-24 13:04:41
what is a 1978 GG corp piano music box worth?2012-03-22 17:10:48
value of german dagger.?2012-03-21 17:58:31
Is my chinese petunia picture worth anything?2012-03-21 07:33:04
Looking for antique statue mate to female i have?2012-03-21 00:32:54
I have found 2 family photo albums?2012-03-20 12:49:15
why whould it not have a hall mark?2012-03-18 10:08:03
help with old piano?2012-03-15 04:20:01
japanese hand painted jewlery box?2012-03-12 10:31:17
What is this item worth?2012-03-09 21:46:16
Looking for value for of Sara Kay figurine?2012-03-09 14:39:15
WHAT IS THIS ITEM WORTH?2012-03-09 10:06:14
portrait price of dog and cat presented in 1964?2012-03-09 01:52:37
Worth of a 19th century rose quartz bust of child?2012-03-08 21:11:47
i need some info on an old mirror i have can u hlp?2012-03-08 13:50:38
Hutschenreuther figurine woman w/dog?2012-03-05 18:00:06
antique chaise lounge or fainting couch?2012-03-04 09:39:31
Value of german pipe marked prima neusilber on lid?2012-03-01 19:34:49
Villeroy & Boch Dresden Cofeegrinder Value?2012-02-27 15:58:46
PLease tell me its value good condition?2012-02-24 17:35:49
Worth of a camera?2012-02-20 17:32:06
i have a old ceramic table lamp?2012-02-14 12:05:01
I have a question about value of something I have?2012-02-12 19:24:57
What would todays value be?2012-02-10 11:36:12
lovely kensington ware vase?2012-02-10 08:17:33
Could this be a collectors item or antique?2012-02-10 01:06:44
Why is the handle on the inside of a lemon server?2012-02-08 19:28:42
can a chesterfield possibly have cheap castors?2012-02-08 10:56:47
mother of pearl tea set?2012-02-07 03:09:47
Is this item an antique? How do I send a picture?2012-02-06 12:36:35
Is my item an Antique?2012-02-05 13:58:16
how do you seal copper with green patina?2012-01-31 15:35:44
Miniature replica Romanisque Paschal Candlestick?2012-01-31 11:19:27
how mcuh would my harry lebus wardrobe be worth?2012-01-31 10:37:12
healing kit?2012-01-28 09:21:27
Who legally owns a certificate of incorporation?2012-01-25 09:22:44
i have a victorian memorial gold and black brooch?2012-01-22 10:01:51
Valuation of apothecary box?2012-01-21 15:19:26
what would b a good price on a 1940 pepsi crate?2012-01-18 00:13:36
Is this an old oxen yoke ?2012-01-15 14:53:49
do old phonograph records have good value?2012-01-14 18:13:15
Rifle Brigade Waterloo Tortoiseshell Pendant?2012-01-12 11:03:09
can you identify Arabia porcelain?2012-01-11 05:03:02
1976 canadian olympic association lighter?2012-01-05 12:05:50
Need a value on an antique pottery cheese keeper.?2012-01-05 11:13:51
want valuation on aynsley swan?2012-01-05 07:53:57
Can you give me some info?2012-01-03 15:49:03
general info and valuation?2012-01-01 11:37:18
Looking 4 information and possible value of?2011-12-29 09:57:07
chiltons automolie repair manual 1940-54 american?2011-12-27 23:28:02
1861 silver Marlboro Plate by Morton Parker Canada?2011-12-27 14:11:11
I have an old Chinese statue?2011-12-26 12:24:26
do you have any info on zome watches please?2011-12-19 14:23:51
what is it worth?2011-12-17 11:40:28
1895 vase can be used for bath oil?2011-12-12 03:13:34
what is the story behind the chiantel fondeur bell?2011-12-10 08:14:01
Stoneware Vessel?2011-12-06 21:29:51
Appraisal of 1860 Armoire?2011-12-04 18:00:09
could this be antique?2011-12-02 17:03:41
Value of dining room set? I hav pictures.?2011-11-27 15:15:19
need the date and value?2011-11-26 16:10:56
Is this china of any value?2011-11-25 12:32:46
Blue and white large jug?2011-11-25 12:01:44
1906 stamps 1911 clear pint and quart milk bottles?2011-11-18 16:10:14
GIM candelabra?2011-11-15 17:03:34
Dinnerware Royal Swan No. 197?2011-11-12 13:44:01
What do you think the value might be.?2011-11-10 17:05:12
Do I have a silver jug? How can I tell or test?2011-11-09 12:22:39
history and how is opalscent cranberry glass made?2011-11-08 22:44:39
have a 1901 pin ivory flowers on the top valuation?2011-11-07 14:20:09
I have a bike with a carriage and a vietnam coin?2011-11-06 08:58:36
Can You give Me Some Info On Brass Curry Combs?2011-11-05 07:40:17
Antique fan?2011-11-01 06:45:00
i have a presumably Chinese small glazed green?2011-10-31 08:29:22
Value of Saji plate with inlaid laquer pattern?2011-10-26 09:41:49
what is the value of this set?2011-10-25 23:23:50
the value of digoin Sarregueminer majolica plates?2011-10-25 17:21:19
Ships figure from britannia2?2011-10-23 13:28:23
have african staff ,know nothing about it or value?2011-10-22 10:13:34
i dont know what this is!!?2011-10-21 17:27:27
photos/negatives hindenburg day of crash?2011-10-19 13:25:40
Just trying to find out some information on a tabl?2011-10-19 09:32:47
Do you know more about it?2011-10-17 07:22:39
B. Rogers Silver on Copper Pitcher?2011-10-16 15:46:50
we have a old hook?2011-10-16 09:04:59
Czechoslovakia "G.M." ceramic tray.?2011-10-14 16:32:24
Where can I sell them and what are they worth?2011-10-14 12:19:29
Does "simplysissimus" have any value?2011-10-12 18:42:08
id like 2 find a price on a rare antique table ?2011-10-11 07:50:22
I cant find the exact match online whats it worth?2011-09-28 12:12:39
I have 2 walls lamps. Are they Antiques?2011-09-26 23:32:00
could you tell me how much this is worth........?2011-09-25 10:25:51
W.o Russell painting?2011-09-24 19:01:40
Bridgeport/Rex No. 64 adjustable antique pliers?2011-09-24 16:20:40
Can anyone help identify this door plate?2011-09-22 13:49:46
Were all items signed by designer?2011-09-22 09:37:34
rough valuation of item described.?2011-09-19 17:50:32
I am trying to find out where this knife is from?2011-09-17 17:12:07
Bike with carriage With Vietnam coin?2011-09-16 15:23:17
carnival glass punchbowl?2011-09-14 12:00:57
wooden carving of a Rat, Monkey and Frog.?2011-09-14 10:14:02
age of secretary desk?2011-09-13 00:21:27
cork on the bottom of brass candlestick holder?2011-09-12 15:10:05
Want to know more about this old wooden box.?2011-09-11 20:47:56
I would like a valuation on my turntable please?2011-09-10 04:27:17
i want a valuation on 2 sculptures by peter mook?2011-09-08 18:42:57
I have a mirror with 1765 on it is it an antique?2011-09-07 22:16:41
are ceremonial double barbed spears are collectabl?2011-09-07 09:51:03
is there worth anything?2011-09-06 23:42:21
old prints what are they?2011-09-04 09:07:21
Furnivals LTD. Deton?2011-09-03 19:14:25
I got 1883 silver like punch pendant.?2011-09-03 00:14:35
do you appraisal from pictures of items?2011-09-01 13:51:15
Value of a Photograph?2011-08-31 14:41:04
what is the value of this set?2011-08-31 14:25:17
chcem sa op├Żtat na historicke zaradenie prstena.?2011-08-30 05:41:13
What is my parfume bottle worth??2011-08-27 10:12:16
What is the value, please?2011-08-26 13:25:28
What is it worth?2011-08-25 16:38:16
Want to know about "pilsen" enamelware.?2011-08-22 14:34:39
Is my picture of any worth?2011-08-22 13:44:00
i have a 1907 peso coin tray?2011-08-21 08:05:28
ANITAQUE EARINGS. HOW OLD?2011-08-19 17:48:29
I need to know the value of 4 california raison?2011-08-19 15:07:54
I want to identify a set of wooden eggs?2011-08-16 16:45:05
bronze bust?2011-08-15 12:23:26
Price of vintage midget slide rule?2011-08-14 20:07:40
how do i find out the value of my coca cola trays?2011-08-14 17:38:06
bronze bust?2011-08-12 14:13:23
Would an antique gateleg table have metal hinges.?2011-08-12 03:35:39
oil painting?2011-08-11 14:30:54
Three German porcelain dishes? antique?2011-08-11 01:54:45
I have a pot that looks like a chamber pot, J.H.W.?2011-08-09 12:32:56
whats the value of my plate?2011-08-08 13:20:21
where can i find antique ruby glass swizzle sticks?2011-08-07 10:26:08
vaule of antique nippon plate?2011-08-04 18:24:24
Are my porcelain plates valuable?2011-08-04 10:04:33
Value of Walt Disney Books?2011-08-03 21:39:43
What is the value. What are they? What period? ect?2011-08-02 00:24:29
How old is my queen city silver com co. creamer?2011-07-31 20:12:58
how much is a 1963 jfk newspaper worth?2011-07-31 20:12:11
Coney Island Hot Dog Steamer?2011-07-29 10:44:46
Information about sandstone Thai pieces?2011-07-28 09:30:28
are my two kgl hofbrauhaus munchen stiens worth?2011-07-26 11:08:48
brown bottle with royal stamp ???2011-07-26 11:04:41
Question about a wooden thread spool.?2011-07-24 11:52:25
What is the slot in the bottom of a window for?2011-07-22 14:33:35
is it worth anything?2011-07-20 10:13:39
How much is it worth?2011-07-18 16:24:43
What is this worth and additional information?2011-07-15 22:26:46
Who is Alice Dement?2011-07-11 23:21:05
what makers mark looks like two pronged forks?2011-07-11 10:48:50
What are these plates from Saji China co?2011-07-09 14:14:56
glass cut bowl?2011-07-07 12:34:17
wHAT WOULD THEY BE WORTH?2011-07-03 04:32:40
Is this a special M. Hohner harmonica?2011-07-01 11:38:39
Should I convert cinefilm to DVD?2011-07-01 05:11:39
What is it used for.?2011-06-29 08:17:01
Hi.. i can not find any of these markings?2011-06-28 16:26:14
do you know anything about glenns telescope co. ga?2011-06-26 22:09:17
Value of Annie Laurie purse?2011-06-25 21:00:33
could u tell me how rare my piece of beswick is?2011-06-25 17:35:29
How much is the below worth?2011-06-25 17:03:40
I have a Tinkerbell that is from 1960 Disneyland?2011-06-23 18:07:33
unknown object, trying to findout what it is.?2011-06-22 10:44:06
wondering if frame is worth anything?2011-06-20 13:41:18
Pitcher & Bowl/blue flowers?2011-06-20 10:13:35
how can i find out about a pocerlain dish i have?2011-06-14 12:25:12
value chia ching vase?2011-06-13 07:38:07
Question regarding the value of the items found.?2011-06-05 19:25:36
J.H.W. & Sons Hanley England?2011-06-04 21:55:23
How much is it worth?2011-06-04 08:52:22
I dont know what this is?2011-05-27 12:03:55
What would be a price of a Antique Stereo System?2011-05-26 16:50:09
What is it worth?2011-05-24 22:05:25
blue n white flowerd vases from holland?2011-05-18 15:10:36
porcelain doll would like to know value.?2011-05-13 14:05:36
Need to know value, and where to sell.?2011-05-08 21:08:44
What was this little barrel used for and how old?2011-05-06 18:24:28
Chinese jade polished sculpture. Worth?2011-05-04 13:34:47
Does "Cartwright China" = Cartwright Bros?2011-05-04 08:02:54
What was this box used for?2011-05-01 21:32:42
How can i find out the value of antiques for free?2011-05-01 20:09:26
Are they of any value now ?2011-04-27 08:58:31
I have authentic photo of Benito Mussolini dead.?2011-04-26 07:28:01
I would like the correct name for a piece furnitur?2011-04-22 18:04:17
authentication and value of picture?2011-04-16 12:13:37
How much is a 1904 Talking Machine worth?2011-04-15 13:21:00
does anyone know about metal stamps??2011-04-12 03:07:20
i have a palm sized hand mirror , silver, detailed?2011-04-10 10:24:25
Any idea of value and age of these pieces.?2011-04-08 16:46:58
Who the artist and how do I find more info? Thanks?2011-04-06 15:11:17
have 2 man crosscut saw only 3' blade is it rare?2011-04-03 11:47:13
What is the background/value of this statue?2011-03-30 15:55:32
how much are original pit pony troughs worth?2011-03-30 15:19:38
I have a 1969 newspaper about the apollo 11.?2011-03-23 18:30:21
L.A. Times newspapers?2011-03-21 18:23:15
MAPS?2011-03-21 09:19:36
wich model is my fridge and price for sale?2011-03-11 10:22:42
I have a plastic clock advertising Lux pullets?2011-03-09 20:55:32
Is this plate worth anything or not.?2011-03-09 20:24:44
What was it used for?2011-03-05 17:42:32
Very old Hellman's Mayonnaise crock?2011-03-04 23:54:54
have unusual trap Adirondack trap co potsdam ny?2011-03-01 18:52:09
Where did this leather and glass flask originate?2011-02-28 08:35:40
backing of a picture?2011-02-27 14:05:40
Can you help me on this?2011-02-26 13:18:01
How much is it worth and how old?2011-02-24 23:00:36
Darwins Safety Razor Kit?2011-02-18 10:49:24
value if any?2011-02-15 15:45:19
cuffling from n.y. worlds fair 1964 1965?2011-02-13 15:34:18
"German(y) Sterlin(g)?2011-02-08 11:20:30
old 8piece glass set with matching brass tray?2011-02-05 18:42:43
what is value of Ely dinnerware?2011-02-04 00:02:22
I have a small vase marked myotian english china,?2011-02-01 20:00:05
I have a Wash Stand that has black paint.?2011-01-22 14:02:16
Original Sunbeam hot dog steamer.?2011-01-17 15:23:20
DA Lite wards projection screen?2011-01-17 15:21:11
i have a seattle worlds fair 1962 plate?2011-01-16 19:47:19
I have oil picture from hungarian painter Pogany,?2011-01-16 19:26:51
can you please give us advise on an antique teapot?2011-01-15 14:50:23
Alexander Dumas books Volumes 1-38.?2011-01-13 09:06:15
1944 ring from ww2?2011-01-12 17:04:03
Butlers tray with automatic legs?2011-01-12 09:00:31
? antique coffee table maker put an H in a diamond?2011-01-06 07:23:40
a 1917 newfoundland one cent,a twinplex stropper?2011-01-05 17:30:16
The BBC Radio Production of The Lord Of The Rings?2011-01-05 10:10:40
Have you ever heard of Fass Harrow furniture?2011-01-02 15:37:53
Need estimate on a lamp by Morroe.?2010-12-26 22:39:20
Ethan Allen captain chairs 1950 whats the value?2010-12-26 22:34:32
Do you know the history of this Armorie?2010-12-26 22:30:24
Do you know the origin of this item?2010-12-20 09:37:22
Have an ancre de precision gold watch?2010-12-17 06:29:43
Old maps - negatives?2010-12-05 08:34:33
I found a 1910 Mass. motor cycle reg. fob.No. 2982?2010-11-27 16:56:18
I want to know more about this piece?2010-11-27 14:55:01
Value of Lefton China hand painted watering can?2010-11-27 09:34:40
How much is this Programme worth?2010-11-18 17:35:00
cast-iron borzoi doorstop. 16" long?2010-11-11 11:44:46
who is the artist?2010-11-11 07:11:57
Brass Tongs?2010-11-10 11:22:32
Can you tell me what this is?2010-11-07 04:32:32
we hope you can help us to find more about a paint?2010-11-06 06:37:59
Stow Wengenroth called "My Native Land".?2010-11-05 02:45:17
Warren Mirror Works, Warren PA?2010-11-02 00:48:49
Any info on silver mirror:?2010-11-01 00:18:32
antique guitar and brass badge?2010-10-30 11:17:53
need info on antique brass tongs?2010-10-30 10:55:13
goss, willow art, shelley and carlton crestedchina?2010-10-22 06:16:22
What is the worth of an old Metal Vanity?2010-10-18 21:48:53
How much is this table worth?2010-10-18 14:50:31
how much for a original oneida silversmith bowl?2010-10-17 02:19:43
I have a Burgess & Leigh Burslem Plate?2010-10-12 20:24:08
do you know what this called who made it?2010-10-10 12:30:30
What is the value?2010-10-09 12:23:15
antique portrait with plastic frame?2010-10-06 16:24:59
Is this Rare or Valuable ?2010-09-30 12:05:20
How would I go about selling a tapestry?2010-09-26 11:09:16
The abbot`s chice figurine whisky bottle?2010-09-22 21:03:35
What is the value of a quad plated Ice Pitcher?2010-09-16 21:43:36
"L.W.L. % Co. N.Y." do you know of them?2010-09-16 15:31:02
Image in china?2010-09-12 17:41:44
Reginald Pollack titeled Paradox?2010-09-08 19:51:02
Antique silver and steamer trunk?2010-09-06 04:53:46
What is the value?2010-09-02 16:13:17
could you tell me anything about ray&miles furnit?2010-08-31 08:01:45
I want to sell 12pc Glo Hill set?2010-08-24 02:19:35
what is akompakt jump trap?2010-08-19 22:37:43
i have 2 religous prints in frames?2010-08-18 07:57:49
Antique pipe?2010-08-14 11:43:27
Identify maker of china?2010-08-05 11:00:43
Need info and value of 6 H.J. Pepper coin spoons.?2010-08-03 11:33:12
i bought to pictures that look pincel skitch they?2010-07-26 16:00:48
is this of any value??2010-07-12 08:08:24
ring advice?2010-07-12 07:31:56
wallace nutting signed "Patchwork Quilting?2010-07-11 23:18:29
is cup/saucer lefton china #1356 old?2010-07-08 16:42:03
How can I find out how old my rocker is?2010-07-05 16:52:27
Pricing of lamp?2010-06-24 00:10:52
Please identify the Lefton China piece described.?2010-06-22 11:18:50
is my benjamin che che's pictures worth anything?2010-06-11 07:46:50
Is this a real Chesterfield Chair?2010-06-10 01:56:43
Lefton China hand painted 6 pieces?2010-05-24 20:44:55
German Sterling Silver Hallmark ????2010-05-13 22:34:41
i have a medal 1900 for cured butter can u help?2010-04-18 12:12:03
trap made by: liebers equipment co in neb.?2010-04-07 11:53:09
a trap by triump trap co. pat 1912 415x high grip?2010-04-07 11:46:47
Worth of Antiques many?2010-02-17 22:46:38
Please tell me about my pendant!?2010-02-08 15:06:40
Can you tell me worth/origin of this?2009-11-17 11:24:54
is a handwritten book from 1775 worth any money?2009-10-16 10:51:35
is my picture worth anything?2009-09-12 20:13:12
Value of this 6 pc. Virginia House bedroom set?2009-09-07 22:14:00
Need History on Royal Mfg Co Silverplate?2009-09-07 14:23:00
I have an old Mona Lisa print from London?2009-09-04 07:30:47
How much would you recommend I auction this item?2009-09-03 17:17:37
Information needed on "Harness and Hoof Almanac"?2009-08-17 11:24:03
Can you help me with the value of a chandelier?2009-08-16 21:40:05
How much could you get for an old animal trap?2009-08-04 17:25:24
l?2009-07-31 18:32:14
Any info on a Hamilton Silver Co,quad plate #194?2009-07-22 14:10:41
Can you ID Lefton piece K2562?2009-07-04 10:21:39
help me identify my objects?2009-06-28 04:47:19
How much is worth?2009-05-30 17:57:00
Lefton China, Hand painted 17:39:52
Price range / worth of white bisque lamp?2009-04-24 10:03:34
Lyons Silver Co. quadruple silver plate teaset?2009-03-30 11:26:40
Question:?2009-03-23 12:38:11
Is there such a thing as a quilting table?2009-03-19 18:57:26
a leather bound book?2009-02-16 16:37:00
how I can find out if my dressing table is antique?2008-12-06 19:09:04

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