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Current Administrator for the topic Paranormal:
Name: Joyce Theunissen
Business name: Brainsgroup, education natural therapist and spiri
Reaction time: 545 hours
Rating: 0.0 (from max. 10)
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DOES RULE 1.9 APPLY?2017-11-03 16:05:34
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can spirits take revenge without manifestation?2017-09-21 06:17:18
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Seeing Red blood drops in my room?2017-09-18 05:48:20
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bird fly into window and die?2017-02-17 16:47:50
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Does my neigbours home being haunted?2016-12-24 19:45:03
what does it mean when a ghost leaves pepper?2016-12-12 11:53:45
We have multiple ghosts here is our family cursed?2016-12-10 15:56:26
Is there evil in my home or haunting?2016-12-04 08:37:28
What is the meaning of smells??2016-11-18 20:40:58
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