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Newest questions regarding Paranormal
dont understand what im hearing?2018-09-19 12:34:45
Oily smuged cross above doors?2018-09-09 22:00:23
Any connection with spirits and lights in house?2018-08-30 02:45:33
Letters scratched on to my stomach?2018-08-22 13:28:09
Shadow people?2018-08-04 18:29:24
What are spectral spiders?2018-07-13 05:30:42
how to find if there any ghost power in my house?2018-06-25 16:10:41
What does this mean?2018-06-21 00:24:18
What happened to me?2018-06-05 08:44:53
I want to know how I can get rid of a bad spirit?2018-05-24 09:19:14
What should i do?2018-05-22 16:58:58
Something is making deep claw marks on my floors?2018-05-13 19:58:48
What is meaning of knocks on door no one there?2018-01-23 10:11:39
How to get a ghost to stop following you?2017-12-31 13:08:54
How can i confirm a spirit in a picture?2017-12-22 11:14:40
Can a plant pot be moved from one room to another?2017-12-18 04:31:57
What is that strong force when I'm awake at 2am?2017-11-22 08:48:23
DOES RULE 1.9 APPLY?2017-11-03 16:05:34
I believe I've been 'haunted' my whole life.?2017-11-02 13:23:39
Unsure?2017-10-25 21:17:34
Unsure?2017-10-25 21:14:15
I feel like I am being watched?2017-10-14 03:53:57
Feeling like someone's watching me?2017-10-07 05:57:35
Is my deceased friend trying to tell me something?2017-09-26 23:00:58
can spirits take revenge without manifestation?2017-09-21 06:17:18
Unseen entity touching me sexualy?2017-09-18 09:18:56
Seeing Red blood drops in my room?2017-09-18 05:48:20
What can I do?2017-08-23 11:29:40
I think I'm being haunted, what should I do?2017-08-17 22:37:55
What's happening to my TV?2017-08-13 19:22:36
What the heck is going on?2017-07-20 13:57:37
Am i trapped by some one demon ?2017-06-17 03:24:17
Do I have a poltergeist?2017-05-30 07:13:42
Keep or get rid of items found in walls?2017-04-14 23:07:05
Is it possible someone can die and stay on earth?2017-03-18 23:08:26
bird fly into window and die?2017-02-17 16:47:50
Has anyone experienced shadow people attacks?2016-12-25 16:30:26
Does my neigbours home being haunted?2016-12-24 19:45:03
what does it mean when a ghost leaves pepper?2016-12-12 11:53:45
We have multiple ghosts here is our family cursed?2016-12-10 15:56:26
Is there evil in my home or haunting?2016-12-04 08:37:28
What is the meaning of smells??2016-11-18 20:40:58
How do I come to know is my house haunted?2016-10-21 12:23:26
Is a house being bad luck paranormal?2016-10-18 12:23:56
Dark Man?2016-08-21 22:11:27
What is this entity I am friends with?2016-08-13 14:23:02
How to get rid of a violent haunting?2016-08-09 22:09:31
1 ghost will not leave my house.?2016-08-09 11:16:59
I'm it paranormal or in my head?2016-08-08 04:02:00
EMF Detector worked to good. Now I'm spooked.?2016-07-29 12:16:05
What do you think is in my house?2016-06-12 04:13:13
I need help in understanding what's going off?2016-05-17 10:49:29
Who is my real dad?2016-04-15 01:41:32
Why type of entity is been able to harm a person?2016-04-09 09:31:21
Strange dream warning or something????2016-04-09 07:53:55
Felt a presence sitting on bed?2016-03-22 19:51:18
Unexplained scratches appeared overnight.?2016-03-16 08:30:29
Is my dead friend attached himself to me?2016-03-15 16:40:33
I'm having things happen I cant explain.?2016-03-09 14:55:35
Hi, i just want to talk to my boyfrirnd?2016-02-20 10:52:05
My father hears my dead grandmother calling him.?2016-01-04 01:55:03
What means a feather in your dream?2015-11-30 03:59:52
Dream about going up a stair of a big store ?2015-11-30 03:53:06
Could this be paranormal or something else?2015-11-13 06:53:26
Staring at your face in mirror experiment went bad?2015-11-09 10:28:33
What are the noises inside my house?2015-10-28 07:53:15
Is a spirit haunting me i smell something at times?2015-10-24 01:30:10
Disembodied voices?2015-10-23 12:53:01
White orb smoke grey faceless man?2015-10-22 20:54:24
I have a detailed video of an orb, I think...?2015-10-05 23:24:23
Is It something paranormal my cat is scared of?2015-09-12 04:30:36
Is Ghost Pee Possible?2015-08-29 15:50:44
I hear 3 knocks on my wall under my bed is it bad?2015-08-08 08:34:16
what do i do to make ppl belive me? am i crazy????2015-07-31 05:19:24 15:33:04
I want to know if the bad man my son sees is real.?2015-07-22 14:27:02
Why does the Lady Jane Grey Dudley love me?2015-07-22 09:34:02
Can a ghost attack you while sleeping?2015-07-18 13:54:28
What is the face on the background of photo?2015-07-15 02:39:28
Weird things happening with glass?!?2015-05-25 19:57:49
Can a spirit get fluid to run out of a can?2015-05-19 23:06:01
What is this?2015-04-08 23:10:19
Am i being haunted by a demon?2015-03-28 00:51:25
Is this okay?2015-02-27 13:25:14
Ghost?2015-01-20 11:41:19
Blood on the face!?2015-01-17 21:35:57
I just really need some insight into this.?2015-01-04 15:37:38
Wise to contact ex?2014-12-10 18:41:14
Is it aghori kriya done by someone?2014-12-03 08:06:42
My uncle seems to attached himself to my daughter.?2014-10-20 02:24:31
Demonic activity?2014-10-09 00:50:40
I saw smoke going up to my roof?2014-10-07 17:01:12
Is there a lore for a girl with blackened eyes?2014-10-02 19:37:29
Hi can I see my past life. How is it possible?2014-09-12 09:23:33
When our cat sits on our bed and stares in hall?2014-08-27 11:26:58
Am i sensitive to spirits & Do i have demon around?2014-08-11 00:53:09
Am i being haunted?2014-07-27 23:43:34
Can ghosts/spirits communicate through technology?2014-07-23 15:14:11
what does finding a bible under my mattress mean?2014-07-09 21:00:50
What the crap is happening can someone give me adv?2014-06-16 22:37:32
we are very harressed of this pls tell us the way?2014-06-08 13:57:18
hand on my back?2014-03-18 11:23:32
Bumped into nothing well there was nothing there?2014-01-24 17:54:57
Is it just me??2014-01-09 08:48:33
Why do i keep waking up between 3-4am every night?2013-11-18 15:00:11
There's a white line next to me looks like a wire?2013-10-11 02:37:30
Why am I always finding dimes in strange places?2013-08-04 06:04:37
What could it have been?2013-07-27 00:16:49
This is no joke, and I urgently need help.?2013-07-20 05:35:54
Something has growled at me twice n my house !!?2013-07-03 01:01:38
Healthy way to deal with kids seeing ghosts?2013-06-28 14:11:24
good day.please help me?2013-06-19 18:14:07
Autistic son says he hates 3 am?2013-06-14 15:57:34
Not sure if its paranormal or paranoia?2013-06-13 01:04:59
Smell of perfume and a sense of sadness?2013-06-03 22:39:22
Was that a dream?2013-05-21 08:22:48
I'm seeing things that aren't there.?2013-05-21 07:37:07
been trying to figure out for years. need awnsers.?2013-05-12 22:29:49
Friend provoked something, and now feel uneasy?2013-04-05 19:21:25
what does it mean?2013-03-29 11:52:57
I think that there might be a ghost in me?2013-03-26 16:10:50
hi, my name is maria francina collins..?2013-03-14 16:40:23
What does it mean when u hear screams in your head?2013-02-27 18:24:52
Does everyone go through these things?2013-02-18 09:38:02
Help understanding my experience?2013-02-17 19:26:51
any knowlege on this being?2013-02-12 22:27:03
my grandfather is making his presence known ?2013-02-09 18:10:51
Could this be paranormal activity?2013-02-08 06:54:01
We have felt ghostly dripping water on our heads?2013-01-13 13:35:59
did some body did any blk magic to my fmly?2013-01-12 01:25:17
spirit voice?2013-01-07 18:35:15
I have a video I would like someone to see.?2013-01-01 05:41:28
what did i see that day?2012-11-26 23:12:07
When i eat anything,it falls down a little bit?2012-11-24 12:34:40
Why can i c images n my head when I talk of things?2012-11-07 00:04:26
how can i flush such ghost from my house?2012-11-02 08:15:03
i dont know if what i saw was a ghost?2012-10-30 05:20:47
can you tell me whether its a gift or bad spirits?2012-10-30 01:38:52
What seems to be a flying metal object in picture?2012-10-23 21:13:23
Could this phone signal have been ghostly?2012-10-14 20:17:51
I'm finding pennies in the toilet?2012-10-09 10:38:23
Am i haunted or jst jst a fool?2012-09-30 15:47:52
Was a bright flash of light my mom?2012-09-27 13:16:46
Seeing photos move and talk?2012-09-25 17:47:44
Co oznacza biały pies w ciemnym lesie.?2012-09-23 16:57:02
Shadow people?2012-09-21 16:27:54
my little girl says she has children in her room?2012-09-21 12:00:50
is there any demons resembling a black & red moose?2012-09-19 22:52:32
Just wondering?2012-09-15 18:35:30
Who to ask about unexplained scratches/pattern?2012-09-14 18:27:10
I think my mother's spirit is here with me.?2012-09-12 18:05:09
How can I remedy a demonic encounter?2012-09-11 22:32:31
Who were these poeple in black robes I saw?2012-09-09 17:26:32
since 6 years am suffering from job issues?2012-08-21 02:39:32
what am i seeing?2012-08-18 20:20:35
could i have a demon in my home?2012-08-15 12:16:55
What is this I am seeing?2012-08-03 14:08:25
Could I have a spirit following me around?2012-08-03 01:24:14
Strange dream shared between 3 sisters?2012-07-26 19:08:04
i woke up to finsd my dinningroom chair outside my?2012-07-25 12:23:43
Is there something/one hiding things to upset me?2012-07-23 09:19:24
need 2 know is i related to my past life?2012-07-21 15:24:10
What is it and what can i do?2012-07-21 03:55:05
Poltergeist or what?2012-07-15 19:36:06
Was there something in my room with me?2012-07-15 15:53:06
My son saw a shadow figure outside of our house.?2012-07-14 23:12:08
My son saw a shadow figure outside of our house.?2012-07-14 23:11:50
Do I have a ghost in my room?2012-07-12 21:26:33
Is this paranormal?2012-07-12 03:36:58
does some evil forces exist who may ruin the love?2012-07-08 23:09:49
Sparkling lights and figure?2012-07-07 16:21:47
What happened?2012-07-06 15:43:58
Not sure what I'm dealing with, need some advice?2012-07-02 22:28:59
Was this a paranormal experience?2012-06-19 22:35:26
could this house be haunted?2012-06-17 07:15:37
can you help with ouji board problems?2012-06-16 10:03:03
Sleep paralysis state with demons?2012-06-15 19:13:53
Why would a blue candle be used for the baby?2012-06-13 16:00:45
Evp Sessions?2012-06-12 00:19:26
What does an upside down cross mean?2012-05-29 17:17:17
What is this?2012-05-20 18:19:06
Do ghosts steal objects in a house?2012-05-20 17:02:34
What is the man I keep seeing?2012-05-16 19:47:17
Pushed and dragged by something while sleeping why?2012-05-08 08:07:28
Will a dog react to a ghost if they knew them?2012-05-07 02:20:49
Me snd my bf had dreams about the devil?2012-05-06 23:31:13
what does it mean when hundreds of flies on mirror?2012-04-21 01:51:06
I smell smoke, no one smokes what is it?2012-04-16 08:22:51
Is this paranormal?2012-04-12 14:16:05
Death spelled with backwards e?2012-04-11 10:47:49
Who is the demon named Zawax?2012-04-06 10:44:01
someone sat on my bed?2012-03-30 10:58:10
what does The Wall Reader mean?2012-03-29 17:31:09
Someone or something sitting on my bed?2012-03-26 02:33:27
what do i do?2012-03-25 22:02:38
What is the correct term for a bad spirit?2012-03-25 00:41:21
blinding flash of light in my face, my son saw it,?2012-03-17 18:23:46
Why when I was 2 I saw myself as I am now?2012-03-10 17:47:19
Been seeing 333, 666, and black shadow.?2012-03-05 00:45:31
What does it mean to have a bad reaction to iron?2012-03-03 01:33:28
Why do ii feel like death komes onmii???2012-02-26 03:18:55
Is odor of snuffed candles connected to spirits?2012-02-23 11:17:44
A lite bulb poped on my floor& it had confetti?2012-02-19 14:03:52
ARE THEY ORBS???2012-02-15 20:23:51
Why is the basket moving by itself?2012-02-10 21:12:37
What does this mean?2012-02-05 16:45:44
Is this ESP?2012-01-27 04:32:32
I wake up to same place but different world.?2012-01-21 19:52:58
Should I be afraid of the occurances in my house?2012-01-21 16:17:24
ringing bells, my name, and ouija boards?2012-01-21 02:40:28
what are symptoms of a spirit of mixed emotions?2012-01-17 16:44:49
what does it mean when there is a face in a pic?2012-01-15 12:15:32
I am wondering If I myself am haunted?2012-01-09 09:09:18
Is the ghost of a little girl showing me something?2012-01-08 19:44:08
Whats one way to tell if you have spirits?2012-01-07 20:34:49
What can I do to stop my husbands bad dreams?2012-01-05 22:41:13
little flying insect - kindof?2012-01-04 18:40:46
This is not really i think a paranormal question.?2012-01-04 18:34:14
what is a sighting of small black triangle in home?2011-12-29 08:36:50
Has anyone noticed book texts changing?2011-12-20 15:10:42
last night i saw a child's hand print on my leg.?2011-12-18 18:57:50
I think somthing is following me?2011-12-10 18:55:42
what does 6664x mean?2011-11-23 20:15:05
What is the cause of that sighing?2011-11-20 03:45:46
Hell Hounds or Ghost Dogs...getting rid of them?2011-11-04 06:44:33
Random names of deceased pop in my head?2011-10-23 19:14:46
blowing in my ear?2011-10-22 19:08:46
Ghost Orb like bar going through head?2011-10-17 21:17:58
what are shadow people and ghost cats and orbs?2011-10-16 01:33:08
can i talk to the dead or bring them back?2011-10-07 16:06:58
Confusion regarding love sign?2011-09-27 07:28:51
my child afarid of her bdrm can it be haunted?2011-09-22 18:46:18
Human hair strands found in my haunted home.?2011-09-16 09:47:21
is it a shadow person, a demon or something else?2011-09-07 17:03:06
Could this be a ghost?2011-09-07 08:21:50
do spirits follow people?2011-08-23 10:57:58
Things happening with me.?2011-08-21 11:07:58
How do I figure out what is in my house.?2011-08-19 00:49:35
I'm not sure if this is a paranormal experience ?2011-08-16 22:28:36
Regarding recent events I cannot explain.?2011-08-14 01:46:58
is it possible for satan to have talked to me?2011-08-10 20:58:57
What does it mean?2011-08-10 08:36:08
my clocks dont work properly i have 6 of them?2011-08-10 04:16:38
we believe this house is haunted.?2011-07-31 01:20:13
how do you get a spirit to give your stuff back?2011-07-23 20:36:45
Why did I see a little boy?2011-07-14 18:46:53
Where is my relationship going? A waste of time?2011-06-29 02:03:02
Is he my guardian angle or just a new ghost?2011-06-20 02:21:13
how & why is man in mind's eye?2011-06-17 09:12:42
How can i sort out my paranormal experiences?2011-06-09 00:11:06
can antiseptic smell be paranormal?2011-05-15 15:08:01
pillow case turned inside out and back on pillow?2011-04-14 15:25:58
Is it possible to pull an item out of a dream?2011-04-10 03:10:33
How do I. Get rid of a spirit that torments?2011-03-27 06:18:23
help! Random scratch marks?2011-03-08 13:51:43
is it Paranormal///?2011-03-03 17:14:06
How can I make a "Shadow man" go away?2011-03-02 04:27:23
How can I help my friend and am only I connected?2011-02-28 10:17:56
why me!?2011-02-25 12:46:11
is this a pic of a demon?2011-02-20 23:04:33
I used to see a black figure when I was a child,?2011-02-06 17:30:44
I think my mums house is haunted?2011-01-14 07:15:22
What to do with a haunted object?2011-01-09 16:41:33
what can i do with my spirit quide?2010-12-17 00:08:53
Saw a flash like a camera flash two dif. times...?2010-11-08 00:45:43
Can seeing ghosts help tell the future?2010-11-05 21:34:13
Why do I wake up at 3 am?2010-11-05 15:32:46
What could do this?2010-10-24 18:17:21
blue basketball sized clouds?2010-10-23 13:17:11
Could I be Sensitive to the Paranormal?2010-10-13 19:07:06
How do I know if I am being haunted or not?2010-10-13 16:51:24
why does my husband feel his leg being pulled?2010-09-25 00:36:04
why does my my sister hers my music at night when?2010-09-06 02:17:26
Do the dimes mean he needs to tell me something?2010-08-29 22:18:58
ghosts?2010-08-26 03:00:02
Hi there I have a spirit in my home please help?2010-08-24 07:32:07
Why doesn't man appear in video?2010-08-15 22:16:55
Anything about the right upper corner of a room?2010-07-29 01:21:39
little cousin sees once again deseased grandmother?2010-07-15 07:50:01
melting rings?2010-06-21 13:52:19
Was thus paranormal or just my imagination?2010-06-20 22:45:12
What does it mean when you get woke up by a spirt?2010-06-19 22:40:12
is he my protector or something else?2010-06-08 21:20:32
I am very confused as to what I saw?2010-04-03 03:10:29
why would spirit turn up suddenly in our home?2010-04-01 14:55:05
strange encounter?2010-03-21 17:03:40
How can you tell if an spirit is caught on camara?2010-03-13 21:05:01
um halo i have a question?2010-03-05 04:17:23
presence from a photograph, what is it called?2010-03-02 23:24:49
Have i invited an angel/spirit into my home?2010-02-25 11:15:19
how do you know when u have a spirit in your home?2010-01-30 12:15:38
recording a video in basement?2010-01-13 15:36:43
i got forclosure on my house bck in 2008?2010-01-13 15:32:30
Im getting the same problems as my mum with ghosts?2010-01-03 20:43:01
Why would a spirit leave fecal residue?2009-12-04 15:38:40
can one summon only benevelent spirits ?2009-11-11 16:14:06
Am I in the process of being possessed?2009-11-10 18:35:32
Different colors of apparition-ghosts?2009-10-23 15:27:08
Has anyone ever "felt" a pet die?2009-09-01 14:15:00
I think i have a spirit in my house what do i do?2009-08-31 13:52:57
Who can I call what can I do?2009-08-01 18:21:51
destin backwards?2009-07-22 22:56:45
spirit tapping at the window means????2009-06-13 11:17:59
Am I sensitive or do I have an overactive mind?2009-05-19 00:02:29
Am I A Vampire?2009-04-16 14:49:13
Who can I find to look over some pictures for me?2009-03-16 12:44:36
Why i dream of things and what does it mean?2009-02-28 22:08:02
am i being targeted by a demon?2009-02-27 16:22:47
Do I have a spirit in my home?2008-07-29 22:16:50

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