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Is what I have considered an eating disorder?

Posted on: 2007-09-11 06:40:33]

I am 17 years old and for about 3 years now I have been doing all sorts of things to lose weight. I have fasted, purged, and done extreme exercising. When I eat I only eat fruits, vegetables or salads mainly. The purging has lasted for about 7 months now and just about every day I am home (as long as I eat anything but fruits or vegetables) I have purged at some point. When I can't get enough out when I do so, I always make sure I burn off a lot running and exercising. I always make sure at the end of the day I burn off more than I ate. My parents or friends haven't found out I have been doing this, I hide it well and lie about what I eat. So far I have lost about 30 pounds by my system, making me happy, but sometimes that goes up a little and then comes back down. Right now I am 5'8" and weigh about 130. Before the purging started, I was somewhere from 150-160 for a while. Please let me know if this is considered an eating disorder, and if it is what kind.
According to you BMI: your weight is in a healthy range. (Good job I might add). However since you have been purging your food for the past 7 months, and also work it off, in my opinion I would say you have Bulimia. You said that you have been doing everything to lose weight for the past three years, so before you purged your food, i would say you had ED-NOS. This is a dangerous road that you are on, I'm sure you are very well aware of this. Eating fruits and vegetables are healthy. So I am assuming you have become a vegetarian. Which there is nothing wrong with. What I am concerned about is the Bulimia. My suggestion for you is to seek some form of counseling. If you cannot talk to your parents at least talk to a neutral party who can help you deal with your food issues. I have included some links for you i think also might help:

Other services that might help:
Counseling On-Line: (A 24-Hour confidential e-mail service by the Samaritans) Also, A service for young people - also addresses issues other than suicide.

Mental Health Crisis Line- 800.222.8220

Samaritans A 24-Hour confidential e-mail service. The Samaritans - trained volunteers are available 24 hours a day to listen and provide emotional support. You can call a volunteer on the phone, or e-mail them. Confidential and non-judgmental.

# 1-800-THERAPIST. This is a toll-free number, and it's a free referral service. It appears you can only talk to a "referral resource counselor" during normal business hours. The advantage to using this service is that after an initial telephone evaluation, they can refer you to the full range of mental clinicians including a psychiatrist, psychologist, marriage or family therapist, clinical social worker, licensed professional counselor, or psychiatric nurse. 800.843.7274 or

I hope this helps! Stay Stong!

Answered by:
Anna Maria Mazzarisi
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