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who can i talk to?

Posted on: 2007-09-11 13:15:53]

im 17 i think ive been bulimic for a year. since my health obsessed friend ive always known loads about calories. i would often diet and binge and i was very unhappy with my weight. my friend was very skinny and i suspected she had an eating disorder. it turns out she is anorexicbulimic. since that point i to have been binge-vommiting and still diet.i still feel really fat and i see a lot of her in me. i feel tired a lot as it has gotten worse and also find it hard to concentrate. i have even vommited to such an extent that i hav seen a little blood and also burst a capillary in my eye.yet still no one knows.i hav to deal a lot with my friend such as watching her binge knowing she is going to get sic and she calls me all the time. i worry a lot that i may hav severley damaged my health and she is now in hospital and repeating scool yr. i no i need help but i cannot face telling anyone as i feel too embarassed. i jst want to talk to people in the same way as me
It sounds like not only are you worried about yourself but your friend's health as well. I am so sorry your friend has to repeat her grade. But her health is important and she needs to get better.

As far as yourself goes, have you tried counseling, or talking to your doctor in confidence?

If that still does not work I suggest finding some type of online support groups that work with the eating disordered. But please beware there are groups out there that focus on glorifying the illness, and giving out dangerous tips and tricks. Please steer very clear of such sites, and groups. Here are some links that may help you out: - Includes a forum where there are others like you. - For recovery information and ed information - A Wonderful Support group with loads of members

Hope this helps!
Stay Strong!

Answered by:
Anna Maria Mazzarisi
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