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Bread diet?

Posted on: 2008-07-29 15:19:19]

Hello, my friend only eats cereals in the morning and the rest of his food consists on buttered bread, crisps and puddings. I don't think this is healthy at all. He has never eaten meat, fruits or chips or any other type of food. Is there a name for this disorder, a cure?

Many thanks

Micaela Spencer
Hello and thanks for your question! 

Your question raises more questions that I have to ask first before I make an informed answer for you and your friend:

Is he losing weight? Does he think he's fat? is his food portions very small? Is he NOT at a healthy weight?

If the answers are no to the above, I do not beleive he has an eating disorder. He is just eating unhealthfuly. he needs to add more nutritious foods to his diet. If you notice that he is losing weight to a point where he is extremily thin, then I would say he has an eating disorder. Possibly EDNOS even Anorexia Nervosa.

Answered by:
Anna Maria Mazzarisi
profile page

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