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Do I have a mental illness and if I do what is it?

Posted on: 2012-07-15 11:40:18]

Things I do/have:

Talk to myself as if I cant keep the thoughts in my head.

Think the posters on my wall are are living/conscious and try to avoid getting changed in-front of them or doing certain things in-front of them.

Hear things such as my name being whispered when there's no one there, (also hear loud bangs, my phone vibrating, ice-cream vans etc)

Extreme mood swings which are unpredictable, even for me. (I have been suicidal and am currently seeing a therapist, who I'm scared to tell most of this to)

Irrational and argumentative behavior for no reason/only slightly provoked

Wanting to hurt people because of someone else or something pathetic

(only once but freaked me out) See the time at 6:47, think I waked up late, rush downstairs to be told it's actually 5:30 and get so freaked out I can't sleep over it.

Easily paranoid and question everything I hear.

Worry/get exited about things which are so unlikely to happen

Before going to sleep I live a different world in my head featuring people I like (Celebrities) or fictional stories.
To me it sounds like a form of schizophrenia or traits. You need to see a psychiatrist for proper diagnosis and medicine therapy.

Answered by:
Anna Maria Mazzarisi
profile page

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