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Do I charge VAT if selling to Norway?

Posted on: 2013-05-31 10:07:43]

We have a contractor working offshore. The company who hired him is in Aberdeen but we have to bill to their office in Norway. Do I charge VAT?

As the qualification of the service is not clear I can only give you some clues:
- assuming the work relates to real estate within the UK territorial waters, UK VAT might be due, albeit that the VAT zero rate may apply;
- as above, but now the real estate is located in international waters, no VAT is due;
- if it is a general service B2B provided to an Aberdeen company with a Norwegian branch,  the place of supply is Norway if the service is performed for that branch which is a very factual question, which need to be compared with the local practise in the UK. The nature and the use of the service is decisive in this. One should also look if the contract is closed with the branch, on the order, and who pays the invoice.

I hope this gives you some guidance in this,

Kind regards,

Toon Hasselman 

Answered by:
Toon Hasselman
profile page

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