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how can i fix my eroding hill?

Posted on: 2009-04-07 10:20:41]

Hill is in shade and is pretty steep. Have 1 plot of ornamental grass that has not grown much, how can I control errosion and what can I plant to stop further erosion? it is not too large of an area and a shed backs up to bottom of hill.
That depends on the kind of soil. Grass should do the trick. Is the soil very wet? How thick is the layer of soil? I suggest you try sow a different kind of ornamental grass. If possible try and introduce slight horizontal ridges, not vertical downhill ones. That will prevent rainwater to flow downhill and carry soil. The best thing to prevent erosion is a full plant cover, the roots will keep the soil in place. Some erosion will inevitably take place but you will be able to keep it under control.
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