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Can someone please solve these problems for me?

Posted on: 2015-04-15 18:33:07]

1. Write a method boolean allSameSign(int[] a, int start, int end) that checks if all elements in the parameter array a have the same sign, that is, are either all positive or all negative. (Using recursive method only.)
2. Every integer is somehow either red, green or blue. You have no idea how these colours are determined, but no problem, your class already has three utility methods boolean isRed(int x), boolean isGreen(int x) and boolean isBlue(int x) that each tell you whether the parameter integer x is of that particular colour. Your task is to write a method boolean containsMajority(int[] a) that checks if any one of these colours has a majority in the parameter array a, that is, more than half of the elements of a are of that colour. Your method should work in one pass through the array.
3.(a) Show the result of inserting the keys 7, 2, 9, 6, 8, 3, 4 in this order into an initially empty binary search tree. (b) Nodes in a binary search tree are objects of the class
public class Node {
public int key;
public Node left, right;
Write a method int sum(Node root) that computes and returns the sum of keys stored in the binary search tree that starts from the given root node.

Nope, not me,

good luck,


Answered by:
Toon Hasselman
profile page

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