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I'm it paranormal or in my head?

Posted on: 2016-08-08 04:02:00]

I will start off my saying that I do believe in ghosts. However I've lived in my flat for around 2 years now and never felt anything, no presence at all.. I could happily be on my own and not feel uncomfortable in any way. Until now I've never even thought about paranormal activity or even considered it.
Last night, I picked up some tissue I'd used for my makeup and went to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet, as I turned around to face the door to leave I saw a man.. He didn't appear to have a lot of clothes on, maybe he had some bits on I'm not sure I just remember seeing a head, no face, and quite muscular bare arms. It was so quick.. he was gone as I blinked.
But I just told myself I was seeing things, its in my head and whatever else.
This morning, around 5:30 I was asleep.. But I felt myself kind of wake up but I couldn't open my eyes. I felt something moving on my bed, and eventually getting under the covers and touching my side and stopping there. I thought this was my dog, my dog usually jumps up to my bed and crawls under the covers and curls up next to me. I kept thinking I'm going to turn around and have a look but I couldn't bring myself to do it, I couldn't physically move.
When I've woken up this morning, I've realised that it can't possibly have been my dog, because she sleeps in the kitchen on her bed, the kitchen door was closed and also my bedroom door was closed. So she couldn't have possibly got in. There was nobody here apart from me to let her in. I'm so confused.
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