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returning to country after marraige petition

Posted on: 2009-06-30 23:33:55]

I am a us citizen and married a man from mexico I have submitted a I-130 petition and am awaiting a response. will my husband need to return to mexico while the process is in effect or can we pay the Fine for he's illegal entry to the us? he has been here in the states since he was a child and we have been married 3 yrs, together for 6 and have a son born in the us.I recieve alot of diffrent information from people and would like to know what you suggest. and what about the 1996 act that was in congress is that still in effect. Immigration is so complex and can drive people nuts, due to diffrent information given all the time. please answer soon Thank you so very much and hope to here from you soon.
With the amount of details you have provided in your answer it is difficult to determine the best course of action for your situation. please contact us directly at 310-600-9704 to discuss the specifics in more details to determine the best approach that will affect your family life the least during this process.

Answered by:
Brad Yasar
profile page

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