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Easiest way to install 4 switches to my network

Posted on: 2016-10-18 14:56:56]

I have a network with 72 home run drops back to a 48 port and a 24 port patch panel in a rack.

I have 1 Fios Quantum TM Gateway router with 150mb/150mb up/down service.

I am looking to purchase 4 TP-LINK TL-SG1024D 24 port gigabit switches.

Usage will be used primarily for internet. No heavy file transferring from pc to pc. Only thing really shared is going to be 1 or 2 network printers.

I was thinking of hooking all 4 switches into the rack and having each switch connect to the open ports on the router.
So sw1 to port 1, sw2 to port 2 etc... instead of hooking 1 switch to the next and then the next etc.

Since there are 4 ports on the back of the router and 4 switches, would this be an optimal way to hook it up?

All switches are unmanged, will all be same brand/make/model. Would this be too much stress for the router?

If I didn't go with this install, should I just use 1 port out of the back of the router into sw1, then sw1 port to sw2 then sw2 port to sw3, then sw3 port to sw4 and plug everything in equally distributed across the 4 switches? or fill sw1,2 & 3 to max and have the leftovers onto sw4?

No, getting managed switches and configuring ports to do this or that is not really an option. Looking for the simplest, most practical easiest way to achieve all 72 to have good internet access.

(Whole system is ran with all cat6. About 10 drops are 150ft, 4 are about 110ft, the rest are all under 80ft, all home runs back to the patch panel)
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