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Am i trapped by some one demon ?

Posted on: 2017-06-17 03:24:17]

Hello , i am totally freaked out last night. I saw a channel named "poppy" on youtube . Watched its video "its just a dream" . Shit happned when it was 3 a.m and i opened my contact list and found a contact unnamed without any phone number , but having a picture of a bruttal demon "like acid thrown on a skull pure black skull " like satan ,while at the same time i started listening cat crying that made me so freaked out. I was not dreaming .. because after that i have searched for some religious songs on youtube after that .. which was still in history of youtube .. and one thing more .. i also met a girl while playing online game .. she shared her number and said .. do you know girls are ghost ? I didnt take it seriously but @3 am .. that contact made me freaked out .. that i am still frightening to get out of my room .. so please help me please .. before of get worse .. because these paranorman things are happening worst since last 3 days after watching "poppy's" videos !!

Help me please ... Because there Is nothing from i can get out ... I am so freaked out !!
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