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What the heck is going on

Posted on: 2017-07-20 13:57:37]

I feel like a complete Idiot talking about this but for as long as I can remember I have been 'followed' by something. It's crazy cause this stuff is super hard to believe but it's happening an for I don't know why or what to do. This thing is everywhere, I see it in my peripheral vision and even in reoccurring dreams, it's male, about 6/7ft tall, wears an old man hat and a trench coat, I've never seen it's face and it's black but not a solid black like a mist/fog kinda black and it's always just to the side of me, never touches me or anything, in the dreams I'm either walking through a Forrest with him or I'm being made to watch a weird ritual. Every time I wake up from these dreams Im either scratched up (I have no nails and no pets) or I have a burn somewhere (around my eye last time.) it happens while I'm awake too, I'll be sitting with friends or family and they'll notice a mark on my face, last time (about 2 weeks ago) it was like a human bite mark on my cheek, I didn't even feel it but it bruised, I get the usual whistling, name being called, footsteps and feeling touched and occasionally while I'm in bed something will sit at the other end. It happens no matter where I am. Even in the streets I'll hear it call me or touch me. It moves thing like knocks things off shelves or turns the ceiling fan on or the tv on and I never used to be fazed and it's definitely not the first time this has happened but I'm struggling to understand why I'm still experiencing all this stuff even now in my early 20's. I've seen ghost cats and heard them, small children briefly out the corner of my eye, random people walking out Infront of cars... starting to think I'm crazy or something because it sounds fucking ridiculous. Help?
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