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Is my deceased friend trying to tell me something?

Posted on: 2017-09-26 23:00:58]

My good friend and ex-lover died from a heroin overdose 3 months ago. Just this past month ive had strange feelings, hell pop in thoughts randomly, then fairly soon after he pops in my head, his facebook will pop up in my notifications, ill hear or see his name, a picture of him will be on my phone screen when i pick it up, things like that. ive been feeling compelled to visit where he lived, and did a few nights ago, just pulled in the drive (nobody lives there, his dad died 5 days prior to when he did.) my friend that drove me had a bad feeling, got scared and backed out of the drive. As he was backing out i looked up at the house on the roof and saw a weird glow, light maybe? It couldve been a reflection? I looked away and back and it was gone and i felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and need to go up to the house. i was wondering if because of the way he died, could he be stuck at his house? Is he trying to get me to come there to communicate something important to me? The feeling that i need to go there is so powerful im going back next weekend.
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