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Animation show the buzz on Maggie

Posted on: 2017-09-27 11:46:36]

Hello everyone I'm new and I'm glad to join you as I'm an aspiring writer in the animation field. Well there is an event I would be organising along with some friends to talk about pitching stories. As I'm a fan of the Disney show the buzz on Maggie I wanted to know how did it evolved ? In other words, did Disney call Dave polsky to pitch a show, was he recommended by someone or he simply had an agent and he arranged a meeting for him? Looked online I couldn't find anything about pitching the buzz on Maggie...So, I want to know how did it happen? Thanks and your feedback would be very important to me because there is a prize for the best storyteller and participant. Lol that's not the only reason I would just love to know how coz I liked the show. So please I would appreciate your answers.
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