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Feeling like someone's watching me

Posted on: 2017-10-07 05:57:35]

moved in this house before 3 months. Its a new property.After 10 days that we moved here I saw a shadow outside the hall through the window at 2am. Our dog was a puppy back then so he used whine at nights to use the bathroom.I saw this shadow walking outside. I rushed outside to see nothing. After a few days when I was playing with me dog in the terrace I saw someone standing at a distance on the terrace. When I tried to look closer nothing was there. It happened twice after that.I ran downstairs and I never go up there.From then on I feel like someone is watching me at times.When I try to take my dog out he comes until the stairs and starts barking. He barks as if someone's behind me. At night 2am or 3am I wake up every night and feel like someone's near me. Why is this happening? Its actually a new property. We live in the 1st floor. Is there any explanation for it?
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