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Need some help- slightly urgent thank you:)

Posted on: 2018-02-11 07:42:12]



I have been restricting my intake below 500 for the last month, previous to that I had BED since i was 14, then at 17 6 months ago I developed anorexic tendencies (also binge/purging tendencies too)- I restricted for four months (bingeing once a week) before deciding to 'self-recover' before relapsing back (which is the last month). I am not underweight, the lowest I ever got was to a BMI of 18.2 (then restored to BMI 21 (but this was through bingeing so so much which was emotinal more than reactive) and now I am 19.5).

1.) I was wondering how many calories I should have a day?

some day over 3000 for example yet I can't see how that applies to me? I am not underweight, I have only started to restrict for a month, and I binged/purged once a week (non purge type though through laxative abuse and some exercise), not only that but I dont display many starvation symptoms. I do have some extreme hunger but I am acting on that.

I have no idea how many calories I should intake, and for how long. some also say to keep increasing calorie intake to boost metabolism but I am not sure if this also applies to me?

I haven't been to GP due to personal reasons, and I am going to get help in a few weeks from my school nurse. However, I am not sure how many calories to eat now and whether I should change my intake once the extreme hunger dies down?

2.) Also about set weight points- I don't know what my weight was before I had disordered eating as I was only 14! will excess weight for bingeing also dissapear?

3.) and is my metabolism damaged because I have yo yo dieted for nearly four years (I used to fast/ be orthorexic before bingeing twice/ three times a week maintaining body weight before restricting severely)

so sorry this is a lot to read and take in, and obviously you may not be doctors ect but any expert advice, resources or insight would be so so so so so appreciated as I am a little lost :)

thank you ever so much for reading

take care

kindest regards Julia
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