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VAT on semi-automated online-education?

Posted on: 2018-02-16 10:12:09]

We provide remote education via website.

Pupils read materials, solve tasks, and they can ask mentors, mentors can talk to them.

Are these considered Electronically Supplied Services or not?

P.S. Explanatory notes say that "‘Electronically supplied services’ as referred to in Directive 2006/112/EC shall
include services which are delivered over the Internet or an electronic network and the
nature of which renders their supply essentially automated and involving minimal human
intervention, and impossible to ensure in the absence of information technology."

The remote education that I mentioned is somewhat in the middleground. What's your opinion?

Good morning,

Always difficult if the situation is a kind of hybrid one. However, as soon as human involvement is a kind of essential, I tend to deviate from e-services.

Think of it as an e-service whereby you can call a helpdesk. The helpdesk is not essential for the rendering of the service itself.

So if the task of the mentor is somehow necessary for the program to run properly, no electronic service. The role of the mentor should be quite irrelevant for the educational side of program.

But to give you a better answer, I would need to evaluate the program and the role of the mentor (as you call him). 

Kind regards,

Toon Hasselman

Answered by:
Toon Hasselman
profile page

Average rating: 9.9 (7x voted yet)

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