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I want to know how I can get rid of a bad spirit

Posted on: 2018-05-24 09:19:14]

Hi my name is Andrea and I have a question about paranormal activity sort of thing. My mom was recently diagnosed with first stage organ failure and it hit me really hard since I heard it from my brother rather than her. I didnít exactly curse out the name of God but I did however say I had no belief in him since bad things keep happening to my family and I. All of last night I kept waking up every hour with something different. I frequently get sleep paralysis since i stress a lot but this one was different it felt as if someone was actually there. Around 2 in the morning the washer machine went off and it has never done that. Around 3 stuff got knocked over on my desk and around 4 I woke up in chills. I went to sleep in my motherís room after that and at 5 the guest room door slammed shut on its own. I could no longer sleep so now Iím awake at 6 and home alone. All night I kept having horrible dreams that I was hurting these children but I donít recognize any of them and I donít have those intentions. Nothing like this has ever happened and I wanted to know what anyone think it could be? I feel like something bad could be taking advantage of my state of well-being. Maybe around 3 months ago I was playing with a pendulum but I never asked any sort of bad question I just want to stop this before it gets worse. Thank you
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