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Java programming question for assignment

Posted on: 2018-06-03 16:45:59]

Suppose that you are in charge of customer service for a certain business. As phone calls come in, the name of the caller is recorded and eventually a service representative returns the call and handles the request. Write a class ServiceRequests that keeps track of the names of callers. The class should have the following methods:
addName (name) – adds a name to the list of names. Throws a ServiceBackUpException if there is no free space in the list.
removeName (name) – removes a name from the list. Throws a NoServiceRequestException if the name is not in the list.
getName(i) – returns the i’th name in the list.
getNumber – returns the current number of service requests.
Write a program that uses an object of type ServiceRequests to keep track of customers that have called. It should have a loop that, in each iteration, attempts to add a name, remove a name, or print all names. Use an array of size 10 as the list of names.
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