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my auntie in pakistan aplies for visa to england

Posted on: 2009-08-25 13:50:32]

my aunty has depression and is diabetic she has a severly autistic son and would like to come to england to get help for him as the doctors in pakistan are doing very litle to help her, her husband left her 10 years ago and went to hong kng to get maried to anotehr wmen he hasnt contacted his wife and evrytime she contacts him he acts as though the child is not his or that hes not bothered the last time she rang him he divorced her over the fone so can she come to england on the grounds of help for her son whose age is 10 and mental health is going worse
As much as it sounds like you do need help, i am not quite sure what the question is here. I would highly recommend you contact a Pakistani attorney to determine your aunt's marital status and contact British Embassy closest to her to get better informed about the requirements of visa for medical emergencies.

Answered by:
Brad Yasar
profile page

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