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Am I still depressed

Posted on: 2018-11-10 19:35:37]

I had depression before when I ended a relationship. My heart and body hurt constantly for almost two years. Then I got over it and started to have affection towards people again. I am currently dating someone but he recently grew mad at me for something I do not think i did wrong. But I apologized anyway and he accepted it (I donít know why he thinks he is right this entire time) and said we will talk another time. It is really a tiny thing but i started to have muscles ache and a lot of similar symptoms again. I think itís because I like him thatís why Iím sad. But this pain, which I have not had for a year, feels so similar and Iím scared that what if I would have to live with this every time I like someone... I guess I want to know if my depression truly goes away and how can I cope with this. I think it is starting to drive me crazy and Iím not sure what should I do.
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