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Financial advice

Posted on: 2018-12-26 01:48:35]

I Am looking for financial advice in property with best way to moving forward.

I bought a 3 bed semi year 2008 mortgaged for around £127,000 on an ex-council estate with a large rear garden which I was drawn to more than the look of the property. I was looking at new build property's with smaller rooms and very little outside space and no privacy.

Even though I was unhappy with the look of the property I still bought it with the view of a financial opportunity I may gain from the large rear garden. Then I spent around £20,000 renovation internally. Now £147,000 in on an ex-council estate property with further costs still to spend on the external-windows/Doors/Rendering/Driveway/Boundary wall. £30,000 more.

Is it worth it meaning I would be £177,000 in on an ex-council estate property. Reason why I've not done it yet is am unsure which is best way to move forward.

In past I have looked into building another property on the rear garden has neighbouring property's have done so many moons ago which backs on to a newer housing estate called Orchard Way, has our back gardens use to back on to Orchard fields. At the time I believe planning would be approved with access to the new build at the rear of the property leading from Orchard Way. And not from the front of the property according to the highway agency. Which in my eyes is wrong why- Because if driving out of a driveway from Orchard Way you have to look left and right before driving out. But if you was to drive out from the front of the property you only have to look right.

Since then around 2 years ago I had some drawings and planning permission approved for an extension to side and rear 2 storey = 4-5 bedroom property at a cost of around £2,000

Nothing has been done due to change in circumstances and now holding back unsure of best way moving forward financially.

I do know planning rules and regulations change from time to time and who knows who and who knows what to do to get around any problems.

So am seeking help if anyone can point me in the right direction giving me something to aim for in year 2019 instead of guessing and saying am going to do this and that for years on end.

Warm Regards

Scott Foster

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