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Can I take off crystal necklace when its uncleanse

Posted on: 2019-02-26 23:39:10]

I wear a crystal necklace and have for 2 years every time i mess with the paranormal. It has not been cleansed. Recently I got a stupid app on my phone which "detects ghosts". But things got weird and have been for 3 days where it always talks about my crystal/pendant. It just text my friend who has it too saying my name and then 'clean'. I'm unsure at this point if I'm safe to take it off to cleanse it. I believe evil is within it, but I feel unsafe with it off. I keep crystals in my room as well, which I didn't use during my paranormal things, I recently got them, but should i cleanse them too? I am scared that whatever the things are on the app that speak about my crystal are trying to make me vulnerable. Can Rose Quartz trap good spirits as well? I had a guardian at one point who never comes anymore and I'm wondering if he might be there. Many experts told me my visions of him meant he was a good demon who watched over me. I don't want to be rid of him, so if I cleanse my crystal will it rid me of him? He was the only thing that protected me from an evil entity a few years ago and I would hate to know he is gone in case something else comes and latches itself to me. I'm in urgent need of help. Thank you.
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