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Am I being haunted?

Posted on: 2019-06-11 06:23:56]

Hello! Thanks in advance for this.
I'm actually freaking out because I'm not sure if I'm being haunted by a ghost?
In my life, I've had 4 strange moments that... really freaked me out.
The first one was when I was little. I was diving in my swimming pool, and suddenly, I saw like if someone was swimming at my left, but when I looked to that point, no one was there??
The second one would happen when I was like.. 16 years old. I was watching tv at night, a comedy program. When I got tired, I decided to go back upstairs to my room, so I could go to sleep. I didn't turn on the lights as I didn't want to disturb my parents, as they were sleeping.
So as I was going upstairs, I was feeling like.. if someone was downstairs staring at me without making a move. But when I looked back, there was no one, however, I was still feeling there was someone there at the darkness, even if I couldn't see him/her??
I continued going upstairs, and then I felt the breath of someone on my neck. Not only once! twice! (in different moments, as when I felt it the first time, I stopped walking to see what was going on). I ran to my room and felt saved when I turned on the light again.

A year later, when I was trying to sleep, I felt the need to look to my left for some reason I can't expalin, and when I turned, I saw a strange face? Just the face! not a figure actually. I'm sure it was a man, I don't recognize him tho, but he was smiling at me. However I didn't feel saved. I turned and covered myself with the blankets, and later I would feel the same need, but I stopped myself from looking.

The last thing that happened was a few months ago (I'm already 18). I was living for two months away from my parents, next to college in a residence. I always sleep with a light on, as I'm afraid of darkness, and one night, the light starting turning off and turning on a few times. I tried to ignore it and go to sleep. The next day, the closet was open (when I left it closed the other day) and I couldn't turn on again the light (I would fix the light in the following days).

I don't know whats going on and I'm starting to freak out. Should I be worry??
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