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stay outside US while husband is deployed

Posted on: 2010-04-03 08:06:20]

my husband is currently deployed in irak as a US army,i greencard holder and my daughter US citizen stay in germany for 8 months to be with my parent while my husband is deployed,can i re enter with my greencard to US,we have joint USbank account with activity,joint tax return,we have car in US,we have no apparment,coz we want to get a new one,when my husband come back from deployment,we have friends and all my inlaw is in the US,i have the deploymentorders of my husband and a letter from him that he let us go to germany because of deployment,is this enough evidence that i dont have the intent to abandon my residency...
Simple answer is yes you can. As a green card holder you can reenter the country as you wish.

Answered by:
Brad Yasar
profile page

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