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Best food schedule for eating disorder

Posted on: 2007-09-02 10:30:31]


I saw you on you're website and find you overhere..... I have an eating disorder since 2 years. I'm only eating fruit and bread..I want to eat normal, meat, vegetables etc, etc...but every time when i eat it i have to throw can i let my body / stomach get used to it again?
When you cut off certain food groups for a long time, your body actually may have an intolerance to it. (Such as meat).

Try to eat a little bit of the food you don't normally eat (again such as meat). You need to take baby steps to build up that intolerance. If you eat too much of the food your not used to your body can reject it (hence the throwing up). Try taking some tums or a form of antacid before eating your meat, veggies, and any other foods your body may have an intolerance to.

If this does not work, please see your doctor, it may be something more. Also counseling works well if you have a fear of eating certain foods.

Good luck, and stay strong!

Answered by:
Anna Maria Mazzarisi
profile page

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