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Has my child been sexually abused?

Posted on: 2010-11-29 20:46:39]

I recently caught my four year old daughter lying on her back on her bedroom floor with her pants pulled down. When I asked her why, she said it was because my boyfriend did that. Through questioning, she claimed he touched her butt with his "circle part" and made a circle shape with her hands while describing it, and that he took her pants off and his pants off in her room. She said all of this with a smile on her face and kept changing her answers so I worry if she is telling the truth or if my questioning caused her to say certain things because she thought that was what I wanted to hear. The man she is accusing is someone I have been with for 3 years, and she does not seem afraid of him or traumatized in any way. It is so hard for me to imagine him ever doing anything like this, but it seems suspicious that she would say these things just a couple days after he babysit her, and while she keeps changing the story she is very clear on her description of his "circle part" and says it is on his butt. She has walked in on us having sex and may have glimpsed this previously, and I have been having conversations with her about private parts and how only she is allowed to touch them unless she is hurt then me or a doctor can, so I wonder if her witnessing sexual behavior combined with these conversations prompted her to make up such an elaborate story. This all just seems so unreal and I don't know what to believe.
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