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I feel my husbands daughter has eating disorder

Posted on: 2011-10-12 00:08:53]

she never eats in front of us, always has stomach issues, i was anorexic 20 yrs. ago and am in recovery.. her bio. mom and dad are overweight, mom just had lapband surgery and is very critical of her weight. Lexi, is a solid girl, involved in sports. Always makes remarks about having 6 pk. abs. i have talked to her dad about my experience, the pain I went through and fear she may be going through.. the response I get is "my daughter does not have an eating disorder, look at her size". What do I say to that without getting enraged??
In my honest opinion I would sit Lexi down and ask her in private. Tell her YOUR STORY and how it ruined your life. If Lexi has a good head on her shoulders she will come clean OR clean up on her own. As far as those who can't see the warning signs print out a pamphlet and leave it around for everyone to read it. Tell Lexi you are there for her no matter if she is sick or not. 

Answered by:
Anna Maria Mazzarisi
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